How to make wall of gypsum cardboard

How to make wall of gypsum cardboard

Gypsum cardboard was strongly included into our life. Yes it and is not surprising. As follows from the name, it is made of two components – plaster and cardboard. Both materials are eco-friendly, do not pose threat for health, and it is possible to trim the room with gypsum cardboard literally in one day without special work and big material inputs.


1. To work with gypsum plasterboard very easily. For a start it is necessary to establish the bearing metal framework fastening to old wall, ceiling and floor. In urgent cases sheets can be pasted straight on wall, it not only will save time, but also will release 3 cm of space which will be inevitably taken away by metal section. Before installation of gypsum cardboard check that all side cuts were ideally equal in order that sheets at installation were densely joined with each other, without leaving unnecessary gaps. Attentively survey wall which you will finish. All necessary openings, for example under sockets, it is necessary to make on leaf before its mounting.

2. Installation of gypsum plasterboards needs to be made vertically. Fastening is made by self-tapping screws on metal 2.5 cm long, it is necessary to fix GPL to profile through each 25 cm. To protect plasterboard wall from mechanical vibrations which can be transferred to it from ceilings and walls the sole of perimeter profile is pasted over with the special frothed material ribbon. Pasting by such tape will not take a lot of time, but will help to prevent possible emergence of cracks on future wall, will prolong the term of its service, will raise noise isolation, will make the room warmer. Two persons are capable to finish the room in one day of the average size if in it difficult corners and ledges are not observed. After assembly the wall from gypsum cardboard needs to give couple of days on that it was defended. Then it is possible to start further works.

3. Gypsum cardboard - material resistant and durable, it is resistant to ignitions therefore it meets fire safety requirements. The acidity of plaster differs from acidity of skin of the person a little, and the absence in it any chemical additives allows to trim with gypsum cardboard even rooms for allergic persons, without being afraid to do much harm at the same time it. It is possible to tell that gypsum cardboard is unique construction material which besides is easy-to-use also to installation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team