How to make wooden bed for giving

How to make wooden bed for giving

For country inhabitants the comfort always recedes into the background. But, nevertheless, the berth has to meet all main requirements. Therefore the bed for giving can be made wooden, but convenient for good rest.

Country rest means itself that a lot of time of people sleeps. And to sleep well after long day of work, it is necessary to create for this purpose all conditions. Therefore for production of bed for giving the special approach is necessary.

What is necessary to make simple wooden bed for giving

The bed at the dacha can be made of normal bars and eaves boards and also of planed log of small diameter.

The first option of bed requires two six-meter boards of 150х50 mm in size, one two-meter bar of 150х150 mm, four bars on 2 m 50х50 mm and roofing eaves boards for production of flooring.

For the second option it is required small logs with a diameter of 10-12 cm. Leg for such bed also do of thick bar.

The tool for production of wooden bed is required such: chainsaw, hacksaw, axe, tape measure, level, screw driver, nails and self-tapping screws.

How to make simple wooden bed for giving

At first make bed framework. For this purpose floorboards of 150х50 mm saw by the size, in advance prepared mattress. From the inside of them fasten with corners. Then also on corners attach bed legs. Their height depends on personal preferences of the person, but should not exceed 50 cm.

In framework from boards sew bars of 50х50 mm, receding from the upper edge of 6-7 cm them it is possible to fix by means of long self-tapping screws or nails. On these bars the flooring from roofing boards will keep within. Over this flooring further stack mattress and other bedding.

That it was convenient to sleep, the bed has to have back which is located at headboard of the person. It can be made of bars 50х50 mm, having sewn up space between them normal plywood. To turn out as a result simple wooden bed to the dacha.

More beautiful and difficult option of production of wooden bed for giving means itself use of skills of the carpenter by means of small logs. For this purpose prepare logs from which delete peel and plane their surface plane.

Then cut two wreaths from logs. It will also be basis for future bed. For legs it is also possible to use bar, as well as in the first option, or to fix reliably round logs.

The back of bed is cut from small brevnyshka, gradually reducing their length. The small pyramid turns out.

In framework of bed attach bars for creation of flooring from boards and stack on it mattress.

All materials for production of such beds have to be planed and not contain various damages to type of cracks, rotten knots and so on. For the bigger term of operation such berths need to be painted with harmless protective paints and varnishes and to arrange them on open areas of the room.

The wooden bed made with own hands will allow not only to enjoy process of its production, but also to get pleasant feelings during sleep at the dacha. And also it is good to have a rest after difficult city everyday life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team