What flowers can be placed in the bedroom

What flowers can be placed in the bedroom

House flowers in the bedroom can become interior highlight. Besides, if it is correct to choose plants for the bedroom, they will manage to bring essential benefit to human health. What flowers should be placed in the bedroom?

The situation in the bedroom has to meet all requirements of cosiness and comfort. Not each family decides to place any flowers in such room, it seems inappropriate, superfluous, unnecessary. However among houseplants – blossoming or just pleasant such representatives who and ask for the bedroom are green openwork leaves –. Single house flowers and plants can affect positively microclimate indoors, save from unpleasant smells and enrich air in the room with oxygen that is very important for good and sound sleep.

How to choose flowers for the bedroom

Deciding to place after all flowers in the territory of the bedroom, it is necessary to refuse those plants to which the rank of power vampires was assigned at once. Otherwise it will be possible to forget about quiet and quiet sleep.

For bedrooms it is not recommended to choose the house plants with lianas curling and also with flowers which exhale very strong or sharp aroma. Under a ban, of course, there are poisonous plants. House plants and flowers which have very sharp leaves will be not the best choice or there are prickles, it can lead to traumatization if in darkness to come across such flower in the bedroom.

Flowers which demand abundant watering will be not the best choice. It becomes frequent the earth in pots of such plants the favourite place for life of room small midges. Such company of insects is hardly appropriate in the bedroom.

It is not necessary to fill the sleeping room with abundance of various plants. Will be to lodge enough in this room two-three flowers which will not begin to clash among themselves.

What flowers to choose for the bedroom? Before finally deciding on options, it is necessary to examine attentively the room and to understand where exactly it is possible to put pots. If the bedroom big and spacious, then in such room it is possible to place rather large plants, having put them on floor. Flowers small will be suitable for small bedrooms, not striking which do not take very many place and not strongly expand. They can be placed on windowsill or on shelves.

Flowers for the bedroom: 5 successful examples

House (noble) laurels. This plant is rather unpretentious, will not demand excessive attention to itself. However the laurels are considered the best choice for the bedroom. It can be placed directly near bed, this plant will not do any harm to health. The house laurels have ability to improve dream, he helps the person to fall asleep and have fine dreams quicker. The laurels is successfully applied to treatment of insomnia.

Aloe. Let the aloe be also prickly plant, appropriate to put this house flower on regiment in the bedroom. The aloe during daylight actively produces oxygen, enriches with it air in the sleeping room, and absorbs in itself carbon dioxide at night. Besides, the aloe can absorb the hazardous substances appearing in air and to destroy some species of the microbes and bacteria both living usually in the dwelling of the person, and getting into the house through the opened windows. The aloe loves privacy and tranquility therefore bedroom conditions for it are ideal.

Geranium. The geranium perfectly cleans and disinfects air. This plant helps to calm down, saves from alarms and disorders, normalizes dream and helps the person to relax quicker. Scientists note that the geranium is that flower which favorably affects female hormonal background, can level pressure, positively influences the immune system. However the geranium with its very strongly smelling flowers should be placed accurately in the bedroom if there is at least the minimum hint on possible allergy to blossoming of houseplant. It is the best of all to put pot with geranium on windowsill, but not near bed.

Camellia. This plant does not enjoy the increased popularity, it is hardly possible to call it the typical inhabitant of city apartments. However the camellia perfectly approaches to place it in the bedroom. The fact is that this window plant positively influences the sexual sphere therefore its useful will have to married couples. Besides, flowers of camellia do not possess smell which could irritate the person at the moments of dream and rest.

Chlorophytum. If air in the bedroom lacks moistening, then it is worth placing in the room pot with chlorophytum. This plant not only humidifies, but also purifies air including from various poisonous evaporations and connections. The chlorophytum is plant unpretentious, it is easy to look after him, it not bad grows even in not the most suitable conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team