How to paint the fridge

How to paint the fridge

The fridge can become decoration of kitchen and add your original interior. There are special bright stickers, and it is possible to decorate the normal white fridge with the author's drawing.

It is required to you

  • - multilayered napkins;
  • - brushes;
  • - scissors;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - glue.


1. Carefully wash up and degrease the surface of the fridge alcohol or alcohol-containing solutions. It is desirable to exempt the device from products, otherwise paint or other substances can get on fridge contents. Ground its surface that paint has laid down more exactly. Cause the main tone with acrylic paint in two or three layers.

2. It will be very interesting and original to look the fridge decorated in the equipment decoupage. Cut out from napkins drawings or parts of ornament. It is possible to cut out from monophonic napkins various patterns, geometrical figures, silhouettes and many other things.

3. Try to cut very accurately accidentally not to rumple and to break off product. Separate white part of multilayered napkin from the picture. It is better to take materials with different images that the pattern did not repeat, and the fridge looked more interesting. Identical pictures can be changed, just cut off napkin as it is necessary to you.

4. From the whole apple receive half, at other drawing cut off leaf. It diversifies a little and will recover composition. In advance think over on what place of the fridge you will paste any given image. Place napkin on the right place, brush moisten it with glue solution. It is possible to take the PVA normal glue.

5. When all drawings are on the places, start the painting. The ornament from napkins in the form of fruit or vegetables can be decorated with various branches, to tint leaves, it is possible even to draw the whole tree!

6. Acrylic paints quickly dry, and it is possible not to be afraid that different colors will merge with each other. Instead of the equipment decoupage it is possible to use cliches or templates, it is easy to record them on the surface of the fridge plain water. You will need only to paint over empty part of cliche. Try to apply a little paint on brush that there were no drips. Spray acrylic by means of aerosol better, and draw small parts and patterns with normal brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team