How to paint the house

How to paint the house

For walls painting of the house, being on the street, it is necessary to select type of paint carefully. As paint will be influenced by change of temperature condition and the dropping-out precipitation. Walls for coloring need to be prepared. On incorrectly prepared surface paint will long not keep.

1. Prepare surface for coloring. If walls wooden have also been painted earlier, then the old coat of paint needs to be smoothed out the grinder with small abrasive paper. Walls from gas blocks or brick need also to be prepared for painting. For this purpose it is necessary, all joints to polish, and to scratch out the excess solution which has got on surface and then to polish. Wooden walls which have never been painted earlier need to be covered with drying oil on two layers. Only after full drying of drying oil to start coloring.

2. It is better to select paint oil, - it transfers change of temperature better and protects wooden surface from moisture. For coloring of gas blocks or brick walls, paint on water and emulsion basis approaches. It is possible to add color color to it. Previously the surface needs to be grounded special primer. After full drying, start coloring.

3. It is possible to paint any surfaces with brush, the roller or airbrush. It is necessary to coat surface of walls two times. To put the second layer after full drying of the first layer.

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