How to plant blue spruce

How to plant blue spruce

It is important to remember that the fir-tree prickly blue is not independent look, but one of subspecies usual everything ate prickly – tree with green needles. From seeds green, greenish-blue and blue-gray escapes can arise. The more saturated blue shade has sapling, the it is more valuable. About 15 percent from all planted seeds turn out bright blue.

It is required to you

  • - seeds, saplings or shanks;
  • - box with sand;
  • - hotbed or film;
  • - means for growth of saplings;
  • - peat;
  • - soil from the wood (from under coniferous trees)


1. If you have gathered cones near blue spruces and now want to grow up tree from seeds, then it is possible to make it in two ways. The first way - in the fall or to seed seeds in box with sand in the spring. When seeds ascend, at sword-play it will be possible to choose plants with blue needles and to put them in prime quality land. The dry limy soil with small nutritious layer is dangerous. The second way – in the spring when the sun already warms up the earth to put seeds in water for 12 hours and after to place them on the garden site at once.

2. It is possible to take in the summer shank from the middle of tree and its upper part, but not from the top. Escapes take from side branches, keeping the small layer of old wood protecting shank from rotting. Also in the lower part of shank leave needles. For improvement of korneobrazovaniye it is worth processing shank substances for growth (heteroauxin, kornevin, etc.) and first it is desirable to plant in mix of peat and sand in proportion 1:3 in hotbed or under film. It is recommended "to give to drink" young fir-trees often, but it is not abundant. In hot days it is necessary to carry out airing and watering at the same time.

3. It is possible to buy saplings at once (the main plus – will be already clear color of needles). At first they should be put in the greenhouse or hotbed, having created big humidity. The effect is reached thanks to containers with water or special tumanoobrazuyushchy installation.

4. Young trees it is necessary to land in the friable, well passing water and air the soil with thick layer of drainage. Do not allow stagnation of water – fir-trees can turn yellow. It is impossible to use sites from under potatoes, corn and other cultures inclined to fungal diseases as the blue spruce is very sensitive to fungi and quickly is infected with them through the soil. When landing it is desirable to mix to the available soil "wild" - taken in the forest from under evergreen trees - soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team