How to protect the place

How to protect the place

Now there is set of the systems capable to ensure safety of the dwelling. It is possible to choose one of them or to combine a little that will allow to hope for full safety of property.


1. For protection cottage, giving, apartment, sign the contract with one of the organizations which are carrying out immediate reaction when breaking door or window. For signing of the document you need the passport and the certificate on the property right to the real estate. After fee to you there will arrive the employee of the security company and will install special sensors on outer door and window openings. To put housing on protection, it is rather simple to call by phone and to call the address and surname. To you will dictate the conditional code which needs to be remembered. Do not write down it on the piece of paper left in a visible place at all. Criminals can use your oversight to remove protection. When you come back home, dial the same number and tell the password. The alarm system will be switched-off.

2. Except sensors at windows and doors install the analyzer of the movement. Devices in each room of the apartment or cottage fasten. Also sign the contract with the contractor and pay works. But this way does not approach if in the house there are animals - cats or dogs. The detector will react to them and to send signal of danger to control board to the security company.

3. Pay attention to outer door. It is better to establish strengthened, with modern safe locks. If have lost keys - immediately change locks. About sixty percent of thefts are committed not by means of master keys, and because of absent-mindedness of owners of housing.

4. Show vigilance. If have noticed strangers who turn near your house or the apartment, contact police. Even the car of law enforcement officers which has simply passed by is capable to frighten off criminals for a long time.

5. Do not open door for strangers. If they are represented by the staff of government institutions, call the necessary numbers and specify whether they sent someone to apartment round. Only after that let in the person the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team