How to quilt blanket

How to quilt blanket

Production technique of quilted things is thought up many hundreds years ago. Connection of several layers of different fabrics in one not only increases product durability, but also does it to more beautiful. Original quilted things, for example, of blanket for for the house and the dacha, it is quite easy to make with own hands.

It is required to you

  • - sintepon;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - cotton dense fabric;
  • - pins.


1. Any quilted thing is sewed from several layers, is normal their three. For the top and base layer it is possible to take different fabric, it is necessary only that cuts on the top and bottom side were identical density and were combined on color. Check whether fabric is painted, wash it that it was not deformed further.

2. The upper, main part it is possible to execute patchwork in the equipment, then at first it is necessary to sew it from tapes and rags, adjusting them by the size that the blanket has turned out equal.

3. After you decide on the blanket size, find base layer and stuffing on couple of centimeters longwise and width more main part as at stitch they shrink. Not only sintepon, but also batting can be stuffing.

4. Having found layers, put them – at first lower, then packing, then the main top. Make basting chalk or soap on top layer, chop off blanket layers together, since the middle, you do not stint on safety pins, the better you will record fabric, the it will be simpler to quilt to you blanket.

5. By the way, the stitch can carry out manually, but rather modern machine will accelerate process many times. The only thing but to simplify interaction with big blanket, put the machine on wide table, surround it with chairs and stools to display blanket on them. For stitches use special claw of the machine. Usually it is in set, but if suddenly is not present, buy in addition it. This claw is very convenient that it at the same time gives fabric under needle.

6. Process stitches goes from the center of blanket to edges, it is the best of all to make at first the main lines in all directions, beginning every time from the center, it will fix sintepon, will not allow it to move and be crumpled in time pro-stitches of decorative lines. After end stitches, straighten edges of blanket, being guided by top layer. After that process edges of blanket wide border.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team