How to reboot the washing machine

How to reboot the washing machine

Often happens so that having chosen any given mode of washing in the washing machine automatic machine, you understand that it is not suitable for linen of this type. There can be also it that you have forgotten to put something in the machine or you need to pull out the thing which has accidentally got there from drum.

1. Attentively study the operating manual of the washing machine before starting washing. In washing machines, as a rule, there is no reset button therefore it is necessary to proceed from the specific brand of the equipment

2. Try to press and hold the button of start of the program of washing in such situation if you need to stop it urgently. The machine has to be switched-off automatically. Perhaps, it before it will make water drain (depends on model).

3. Turn on the washing machine the start button, choose the necessary program and start the machine again; thus, you will make program reset.

4. If you need to reboot linen, and water drain has not happened, the machine is switched off, but the tank is full and the door does not open (at front-loaded machines), you can use two ways of exit from this situation.

5. Press the button of turning on of the washing machine once again. Choose the extraction program and put option "without extraction". The machine in minute will drain water and later couple of minutes the door has to open. Linen in this case will be very wet since there was no extraction. If you need to get dry linen, choose the option "extraction", then establish quantity of turns. However, in this case you should wait for minutes 10 (depends on machine model) before you are able to open door.

6. Drain water through emergency draining which is provided on the side or front panel of the machine below. As a rule, it represents the hose hidden behind door (depends on model).

7. If similar measures do not help, the machine "has frozen up" and does not react to your actions in any way, try to disconnect it for some time from network of power supply. Let will pass minutes 10-15, then include it again. If it everything also "hangs" on the same program, try to repeat the above manipulations once again.

8. Address to specialized service on repair if nothing helps. Perhaps, there was serious failure in electronics of the washing machine.

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