How to remove chandelier from ceiling

How to remove chandelier from ceiling

If there was need to remove chandelier, it is very important to conform to certain safety rules. It is necessary to remove lighting instrument, following certain algorithm.

Why to remove chandelier?

Need of similar action can be caused by desire to replace lighting instrument. Change of chandelier is necessary when light of lamps is not enough, and this device will not be able to sustain big power according to the specification. Sometimes happens that at installation of chandelier small mistakes in connection of wires have been made. To understand problem and to eliminate errors, too it is necessary to remove chandelier.

How to remove chandelier from ordinary ceiling

Depending on device design, process of its dismantling can differ a little. However there are some general principles which need to be followed.

Before works it is necessary to deenergize chandelier. If the device has no similar functionality, then it is necessary to deenergize all apartment in which replacement of chandelier is made. Here need to switch off tension on electroguard, but not just to cut off electricity, by pressing the switch means. Practically any chandelier has cone-shaped design protecting wires from external influence. In order that to remove it, it is necessary to pull this design down. If it keeps on any fastening, previously it is necessary to unscrew all screws disturbing free wheeling of this design. The chandelier can fasten both on hook, and by means of level. If the device fastens on level, then it is necessary to weaken a little at first screws on which the level keeps, and then to start wiring separation. At this stage it is necessary to disconnect each wire leading from chandelier to wiring of the apartment. If the device hangs on hook, then it is necessary to be engaged in wiring separation at first. Anyway removal of chandelier will become the last stage. It is necessary to do it accurately, previously having exempted the device from all superfluous. Before removing chandelier, it is possible to turn out all lamps, to unscrew cartridges and also to remove all design delicacy if those are available on chandelier.


Dismantling of chandelier - very important process which is connected with safety. In the absence of sufficient knowledge, it is better to address qualified specialists. But if the decision to do everything independently has been made, then in such question it is better to be reinsured and recheck itself. Remained included electroguard or any other accidental oversight it can be source of very serious problems.

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