How to remove polish from furniture

How to remove polish from furniture

Damaged in many places and also the varnished furniture covering which has grown dull over time is noticeable, as a rule, considerably spoils its exterior. Sometimes, to inhale new life in the polished cabinet or table, it is enough to replace only varnish covering, and even to get rid of it.


1. It is possible to remove polish from furniture by means of such solvents known to everyone as turpentine, solution of the denatured alcohol or ammonia. For polish removal carefully rub in furniture surface one of these means by means of thin metal cotton wool. By the way, such way of removal of varnish is the simplest and popular among people.

2. Polish from furniture can be removed also by means of normal acetone. Moisten the prepared rag in this substance, spread out it to lacquered surface and cover with polyethylene that acetone did not evaporate. Half an hour later, remove the softened varnish by means of the palette. The efficiency of such way of removal of old polish completely depends on quality of varnish.

3. On counters of specialized shops it is possible to find the special solvents and removers intended for removal of polish from various surfaces. Use them correctly, following the attached instruction, if the remover gets rather deeply into tree micropores, the subsequent putting varnish on this surface will become almost impossible. In grooves, grooves, hollows and other hard-to-reach spots of furniture you put remover by means of small brush.

4. The excellent assistant for removal of polish from furniture is the sanding machine. With its help it is possible to get rid of old varnish in only a few minutes. At first use large abrasive paper, and then small. There are on sale compact grinders which are connected to the vacuum cleaner. During their use the dust which is formed as a result of grinding does not scatter in different directions.

5. Some people prefer to remove polish from furniture by means of special construction hair dryers. This way not absolutely successful, removal of varnish such hair dryer, for example, from the shponirovanny massif, can lead to veneer flaking.

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