How to remove smell from fish from clothes

How to remove smell from fish from clothes

Today so many recipes of dishes are thought up that even people with the most refined taste will be happy. The main thing in this case – cooking. To treat all family with tasty dinner, the hostess should stand sometimes the whole day at plate. And after it on her hands there is mountain of dirty ware and … smell of fish.


1. Fish – very tasty and the main thing, useful product. Only after its cooking in the apartment the fish smell is established. Often even the clothes begin to give these not absolutely pleasant aroma. To get rid of persuasive smell of fish, it is enough to follow little advice which each hostess has to own.

2. For certain you understand that it is better to prevent emergence of fish smell, than then to try to get rid of it. Therefore even prior to cooking it is recommended to put the crude potatoes sliced and peeled on frying pan. It will absorb in itself(himself) all unpleasant aromas. If you have decided to weld a little fish, then add to pan of normal milk which will kill two hares at once: will save you from smell of fish and will make food even more tasty and more softly.

3. If upon purchase of fish you have already felt this unpleasant smell, then it is worth doing the small preventive procedure which consists in the following: in pan with fish fill in water with the vinegar added to it (in proportion 2 tablespoons on liter). If fish stands in this "marinade" several hours, the smell will become much less.

4. However most of people remember safety precautions only when the fish smell has already lodged in the apartment, was absorbed in clothes and skin. To get rid of it, it is possible to take a little sugar and to take over the heated plate. The same is recommended to make with orange dried peel if that is available for you in kitchen.

5. To everyone to wash away from the body fish smell it is worth oiling hands sunflower. The similar result is yielded by lemon juice. Naturally, it is necessary to wash carefully hands after holding these procedures.

6. Now there are clothes. Here it is still simpler – to wet enough it in the cold added some salt water, and the jacket will be as new. Also many hostesses use means for washing of ware and laundry soap. There is a lot of ways so you do not hurry to throw out the favourite clothes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team