How to repair spring mattress

How to repair spring mattress

Spring mattresses are convenient and bodies of the sleeping person take the form therefore they are very popular and never become outdated. Even if the old mattress has begun to creak, the spring has got out of it, and the top flooring was disheveled, it can be restored and again with pleasure to use. Following our advice, you easily will be able to repair spring mattress independently.

It is required to you

  • - old spring mattress;
  • - nails and hammer;
  • - stapler;
  • - rails 2 cm thick and 7-10 cm wide;
  • - soft cord with a diameter of 2-5 mm;
  • - lining fabric (tarpaulin or burlap);
  • - soft roller (foam rubber, batting or sintepon);
  • - decorative upholstery.


1. Restoration of spring mattress – business very dusty therefore you will take out it on the street. If there is no opportunity to be engaged in repair works on the street, prepare the vacuum cleaner.

2. Invert mattress decorative upholstery down and put on 4 stools so that from all directions it was possible to approach it freely. Remove all external fabric and the soft roller - for this purpose pull out all paper clips and nails. Remove burlap, and to you access to springs will open.

3. Cut off from springs binding from cord and pull out all nails to which it is tied from framework. If springs from below are nailed up to wooden rails, leave everything as it is, only strengthen the torn-off or unsteady springs. For this purpose beat them to rails and bend nails. Correct all springs, having exposed them vertically so that upper parts were approximately at one level.

4. If springs are attached to wooden rails by means of woven belts, then remove belts and fix each spring by nails as in the first option. Level all springs on level.

5. If instead of rails in mattress the tense woven belts have been used, replace them with wooden rails. For this purpose note those places where tapes have been located on framework, pull out nails and take off worn-out belts.

6. Then cut rails 7-10 cm wide, 2 cm thick and length equal to mattress width. In noted places on framework cut grooves for rails, then nail up rails from each party.

7. Place springs just as they were located on old tapes, correct them and nail up, bend both the top, and lower part of nail.

8. After all springs are strong and are exactly fixed on framework, carry out binding of springs by means of soft cord with a diameter of 2-5 mm. Opposite to each number of springs hammer nails of 50 mm and slightly bend. Tie all springs on mattress width, longwise and at an angle 45?.

9. Make sure that all springs of identical length and sheathe mattress lining fabric (tarpaulin or burlap), having fixed it on perimeter by the stapler or panel nails. On corners lay material kerchief.

10. Lay the roller from soft foam rubber, sintepon or batting and attach in several places to lining fabric. From above cover mattress with tapestry material, having accurately tucked edges.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team