How to repair the chair gas-lift

How to repair the chair gas-lift

If the gas-lift does not react to pressing of the lever, then can be the reasons of it violation of work of metal site under seat (piastres), the wrong fastening of the mechanism of swing, or piastres and also damage of pnevmopotron. If the reason in fault piastres, then you need to address in workshop and if the gas-lift does not work, then you can just independently replace it.

It is required to you

  • - Serviceable gas-lift;
  • - cross screw-driver;
  • - rubber or metal hammer;
  • - vice;
  • - ring drift.


1. To replace the gas-lift, it is necessary to remove first of all from it to piastre and seat. For this purpose invert chair the crosspiece up and by means of the cross screw-driver unscrew four screws attaching seat to piastre. Then slightly tapping, it is desirable, rubber hammer after piastre, bring down her from the gas-lift. If these manipulations have not helped, then to remove to piastre, it is necessary to turn the gas-lift by means of vice relatively piastres.

2. After you have removed from the gas-lift seat and to piastre, it is necessary to disconnect the crosspiece from the gas-lift. Pay attention that from bottom side of the gas-lift there are fastening elements which it is impossible to beat at all. To remove the gas-lift without damages use special purpose tool – ring drift. The gas-lift and the crosspiece have among themselves taper joint. To beat out the gas-lift alone it will hardly turn out without certain skill therefore invite somebody in assistants better. Put the gas-lift between two tables. One person will hold it, and the second - will beat out the heavy hammer.

3. Replace the broken gas-lift with serviceable. Insert it with effort into crosspiece opening. Put on casing the gas-lift. It needs to be made before the gas-lift is connected to seat.

4. Fasten the swing mechanism to bottom side of sitting on four screws by the front forward.

5. Now it is necessary to invert chair and to put on the gas-lift not it. Insert the gas-lift into opening of the mechanism of swing and with effort press.

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