How to replace cacti

How to replace cacti

Cacti – plants of deserts therefore they are very hardy and resistant. However even small damage of any part of plant at change and the wrong mode of watering after it can do to cactus irreparable harm and even to lead to death.

It is required to you

  • - Flowerpot;
  • - sheet soil;
  • - loamy soil;
  • - shredded crushed stone;
  • - marble crumb;
  • - alcohol;
  • - Sharp knife;
  • - paper strip;
  • - pounded sulfur;
  • - sand;
  • - crocks;
  • - container with water.


1. Pave the sheet way, loamy soil in lumps, spread out shredded brick, sand, marble crumb and fine-crushed crushed stone on separate tanks. In advance moisten the prepared earth mix for change of cactus. Pick up new pot of the bigger size, wash up it. In case of detection of the roots damaged by wreckers or decayed near at hand there have to be insecticides, alcohol, scalpel.

2. For couple of days before change stop watering of plant that the earth in pot has well dried up. Just before change remove stick the top dense layer of the earth.

3. Take plant from pot. Not to damage roots, invert pot and take cactus strip of the paper put several times. Accurately beat out lump from pot, slightly tapping on it. You do not drag plant from pot at all, the thin backs holding capacity walls so break.

4. If the cactus has not been planted in the soil suitable for it which is easily showered at extraction of plant, and the dense caked lump of the earth has been taken from pot, do not loosen it in the mechanical way. Not to damage roots, lower lump in the container with warm water and leave it before full softening.

5. Then carefully rinse roots in clear water and dry them within 12-24 hours. That they did not slezhatsya when drying, suspend cactus on the rag strip covering it across stalk.

6. Carefully investigate the root system exempted from the earth regarding the decayed fibers, wounds of root neck and traces of damage of backs by parasites. Cut off the decayed roots the sharp knife wiped with alcohol and dry, having powdered cuts with sulfur. Clean damages on root neck, wash with alcohol, powder with sulfur and drain.

7. Lay drainage on bottom of pot and fill up it with earth mix with addition of handful of that component which is necessary for this cactus: for the representative of flat mamillaria – the sheet earth; for mountain cereus – pounded granite and marble; for the high cereus demanding for stability of the viscous soil - loamy soil; for desert prickly pear – sand.

8. Having straightened backs, lower them in pot so that the root neck was flush with its edge. Holding the cactus clasped with paper strip, one hand, other hand to podsypta the earth around plant.

9. Do not water cactus within week after change. And that it did not lose the available moisture and has quickly taken root, cover it with polyethylene film and place in shadow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team