How to replace kampanula

How to replace kampanula

Kampanula belongs to family of bell-flower family of plants. It is very elegant flower with the flexible thin escapes which are hanging down down. In the people has the poetic name – "groom" with blue flowers and "bride" - with white buds.


1. Kampanula - decorative flower its green material with leaves form the dome-shaped form covered with set of flowers. Change of adult plants is made only in the spring to the introduction of plant in phase of active growth. The pot is selected for the size of root system, the space of big pot causes growth of roots which seek to fill it quickly. Under such circumstances there is strong growth of new escapes, and blossoming slows down or stops absolutely.

2. Before change of flower it is necessary to remove all dried-up escapes and leaves from it. At plant infection with web tick or shchitovka surely make disinfection. Kampanula is sensitive to medicines therefore independently you should not prepare solutions, gain specialized structure in shop and spray with it plant. Having made sure that the cause of illness is destroyed, it is possible to start change of kampanula.

3. On bottom of pot fill layer of wood charcoal not less than two centimeters. It will provide drainage. Choose the soil easy and friable. Its structure is arranged from equal parts of peat, the garden earth, humus and sand. On drainage layer fill the earth and transfer flower.

4. To take flower from old pot, one hand undertake its stalks, and another quite vigorously knock on the bottom and sides of pot. Carefully take out, trying to keep radical lump of the earth. Supporting flower in vertical position, place it in new pot and cover with earth so that it has filled space between roots and walls of pot.

5. On condition of successful change further care for flower happens according to the normal scheme: sufficient watering, fertilizing by fertilizer, removal of dry escapes and leaves. In process of blossom fading delete the dried-up buds. Reduce watering in the fall, optimum temperature for wintering is not higher than 14 wasps.

6. In the spring during forming of krone of flower it is necessary to prishchipyvat tops of escapes, without giving them the chance to be extended in long stalks.

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