How to restore old furniture

How to restore old furniture

If your cabinet or upholstered furniture still rather strong also needs only small repair, do not hurry to write off it. Some professional workshops can restore old furniture, but sometimes their services stand too expensive. Sometimes it is more favorable to buy new product or to update old the hands.

It is required to you

  • - Assembly tooling and dismantling of furniture
  • - Abrasive paper
  • - Stripper
  • - Sponge
  • - Warm water and soap
  • - Scraper
  • - Construction hair dryer (if necessary)
  • - Putty and palette
  • - Primer for wooden surface
  • - Velor roller
  • - Paint
  • - Soft brush and spray
  • - Cloth for covering of upholstered furniture
  • - Stuffing
  • - Paper, pencil, centimeter and scissors for pattern
  • - Film
  • - Stapler just for decoration
  • - Nails and hammer


1. Paint cabinet furniture. If all of you make correctly and accurately, then she in a new way "will play" and will update apartment interior. For a start sort product on components. Act very carefully that to damage nothing: separate doors, shelves, boxes, backs and other. From old product there has to be only skeleton.

2. Spread dense film on floor and spread out on it furniture parts. Now you need to remove completely old decorative coat (varnish, paint) from wooden surface. For this purpose choose one of ways: • Carefully process furniture abrasive paper (No. 150 will approach); • Apply on old paint special means – stripper for removal of paint and varnish. Act according to the instruction. Usually stripper put with sponge, and after softening of strictly decorative layer clean off it scraper. After that to zashkurta the restored furniture; • If the cabinet, table or curbstone are covered with coat of paint, bring to it the switched-on construction hair dryer. When the decorative coat goes bubbles, accurately scrape off it.

3. Putty small cracks and splits on furniture, and after full drying of putty properly wash up product parts warm soap solution. After that impose on furniture soil for difficult surfaces from tree. Work with the velor roller.

4. Choose any paint on oily or emulsion base. Paint inside face of skeleton of the restored furniture soft three-inch brush. Paint is recommended to be applied with the spray in two thin layers on facades. You put each new layer only after full drying previous.

5. Further the dried components of the updated furniture need to be established into place.

6. Start restoration of upholstered furniture. In house conditions, without owning art of the furniture maker, you can partially replace stuffing and anew draw chairs and sofas. For this purpose upholstered furniture needs also to be taken to pieces, having separated armrests and backs from seat. Remove furniture brackets and remove upholstery.

7. Replace as required packing material. It is recommended to use quality polyurethane foam, holofiber or dense foam rubber.

8. Make pattern of new "clothes" for chairs, using the fulfilled upholstery. Try the original scrappy equipment, combining matter of contrast colors.

9. Draw upholstered furniture accurately that the new upholstery did not sag, but also it was not crinkled. The cloth will help to fix the furniture stapler. From reverse record furniture banner small carnations and mount product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team