How to save crassula

How to save crassula

Crassula which is called sometimes monetary tree, under natural conditions meeting, most often, in Africa and on Madagascar. As all succulents, this plant it is well adapted to arid climate and the main problems arising at cultivation of crassula in house conditions are connected with overwetting of the soil and lack of light.

It is required to you

  • - wood charcoal;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - cespitose earth.


1. If the crassula growing at your window had had spots on trunk, and leaves became soft and were wrinkled, most likely at plant roots because of excess humidity of the earth have begun to begin to rot. Stop to water plant and if it priteneno, rearrange it in more lit place. It is the best of all to place crassula with the windows coming to the South or the southeast.

2. If the watering termination has not affected plant in any way, it is possible to try to replace crassula. For this purpose take plant from pot and examine root system. Cut off all begun to rot roots, dry cuts on air and powder them with pounded wood charcoal. Cut off the dried-up and begun to rot escapes.

3. Prepare new pot for plant. You can use for change old, previously it and having processed laundering strong solution of potassium permanganate. On bottom of pot fill layer of haydite or any drainage not less than two centimeters thick. From above put layer of soil mix for succulents or the soil made of equal parts of sand, the sheet and cespitose earth. To the soil add wood charcoal.

4. Plant the cut-off crassula in new pot and put it on the lit window.

5. If it was found out that at plant all roots have decayed, it is possible to cut off and implant the remained escapes. For this purpose separate the healthiest branches and dry cuts on air within several hours.

6. It is possible to implant crassula branches, having placed them in the water poured in opaque container. It is possible to couch shanks in the damp soil consisting of identical amount of the washed-out bank sand and the sheet earth.

7. If at your crassula have begun to fall down leaves, and the trunk was strongly extended and became thin, the plant lacks light. Put pot in more lit place. If it is impossible, use the fluorescent lamp for additional illumination. For forming of more magnificent krone you prishchipnit tips of young escapes.

8. In order that the crassula grew evenly, without being outweighed on one party, from time to time turn pot with plant.

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