How to save on utilities

How to save on utilities

Utility bills grow every year. Therefore to save a little the personal or family budget, it is necessary to learn to use reasonably provided resources and services.


1. Install individual multitariff counters. Thanks to them it is necessary to pay only that volume of resources which you actually use. Such counter allows to save thanks to difference of tariffs in various time of day. For example, the two-tariff counter calculated on day and night allows to save up to 400% of the means leaving on payment of the electric power. Three- and four-tariff counters allow to save on holidays and also morning, day and night hours. Always switch-off electric devices and not used charging devices from network. Turn off the light where it is not necessary.

2. In winter time correctly use heating appliances. Do not veil them curtains and do not block furniture. For more effective heat rate in premises place big piece of foil or the special reflecting screen for the battery. Then more heat will come to the room, but not to warm up wall. Air the apartment not for long, but it is effective, so excess heat, and together with it and your money, will not evaporate from the apartment.

3. For reduction of payment for water supply install counters on water. Previously eliminate all leakages in the house. If it is required, replace cranes and pipes. It is much more favorable to spend money for new plumbing, than to overpay for constant leakages. Carefully use water and do not leave open the crane needlessly. Take shower instead of bathtub, close the crane during toothbrushing. Wash all the dishes in the sink filled with water then rinse. It is more economical, than to wash it under flowing water.

4. Quite often municipal services does not render fully some services. Not all utilities have to be paid by residents separately. For example, treat free: cleaning in the stairwell and the elevator, garbage removal, cleaning of the house adjoining territory, snow cleaning, strengthening of drain, replacement of windows and doors in the stairwell, emergency service of water supply systems, sewerages, heat supplies, survey of condition of residential building. These points should not be in the monthly receipt. Attentively study the receipt whether there are in it no services which you do not use long ago, but have forgotten to disconnect. For example, radio can be such service.

5. According to rules of providing utilities, in the absence of the resident in apartment 5 and more than a day, the utility bill to it has to be counted. For this purpose show the relevant documents in management company.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team