How to soundproof by means of mineral wool

How to soundproof by means of mineral wool

Construction of own house – one of the most important tasks for each person. Naturally, there is a wish to build housing to the taste, however it is important to make it cozy, namely – warm and silent what has to be the real home.

Work stages

Sound insulation will allow you to have a rest fully in your new house. And to have a rest as it is active, with party and loud music, and in silence when through your walls the city noise does not get. As one of effective materials for sound insulation mineral wool which is used as well for the purpose of warming of walls serves.

It is possible to carry out sound insulation by means of mineral wool at different stages of construction, and even at already built house. Plates fasten to external wall and are plastered. It should be taken into account that plates of mineral wool are very easily deformed therefore it will be required to make armored lattice before drawing finishing mortar. Thus, having performed simple and even rather not labor-consuming procedure, you will ensure cosiness from accommodation in your new house.

Several secrets

Layers of mineral wool represent such "fur coat" for the house which protects it from cold and foreign sounds. That sound insulation and heat-shielding became more effective, it is possible to establish socle levels or angle sections on corners of the house and the acting edges. It becomes in several stages. At first the socle profile is put. It is fixed by special dowels. Then glue is applied on plate of mineral wool. That it was more convenient to work with plate – after all it very gentle – it is possible to put it in some big capacity, for example, old bathtub. Then from this capacity it is possible to collect the flown-down glue. The plates greased with glue are established in profile in two ranks. The second is put on the first row of plates, then plates densely nestle to each other. It is very important to check that plates have been pressed, it is how possible strongly that there were no roughnesses on joints. In addition plates are fixed by dowels. Consider that at uneven walls glue not to manage, it is necessary to use metal fastening. For this purpose the armored lattice will be required. It needs to be pressed into solution and then to smooth immediately. After completion of work on isolation of walls it is necessary to think of the esthetic party of question. It is possible to decorate external wall ordinary mineral plaster. So, your house from now on will be cozy and silent, reliably protected from city noise. "Fur coat" from mineral wool effectively absorbs foreign sounds, and thanks to installation in two layers the protection increases twice. Besides, after installation of similar sound insulation the additional warming will not be required to your house.

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