How to unstick false eyelashes

How to unstick false eyelashes

girls and women use false eyelashes, with their help it is easier to give to expressiveness to eyes. Also they look very naturally if, of course, they qualitative and are pasted correctly. But important and to unstick such eyelashes without loss and harm for eyes and own eyelashes.


  1. Address to beauty shop where makeup artists, using special liquid for glue dissolution, very quickly and cheap will make it. As experts have got the hand in this procedure, removal of false eyelashes will take place very quickly and without serious consequences; for integrity of own eyelashes you should not worry.
  2. If you have decided to make it independently, then prepare warm damp compress and apply it for several minutes by centuries. It is necessary to soften glue.
  3. By means of Q-tip apply a little means for removal of make-up, cream of fat consistence or oil (olive, castoric, sunflower or burdock) on the line of fixing of false eyelashes and leave for minute. It has to soften glue finally. If it strong and from the first it has not turned out, grease and wait still.
  4. Accurately hook tweezers or small wooden stick on false eyelashes for external corner of tape and begin to pull gradually and slowly. Do not try to do it quickly and breakthroughs that with false eyelashes not to tear off and own and not to do much harm to eyelid skin. If you see that part of eyelashes remains on the place, do not hurry - apply on them cream or oil once again; it is not necessary to use force.
  5. If you glued separate cilia, so-called bunches, then try to remove them during washing by careful rotary motions of fingers.
  6. After false eyelashes are removed, well wash with soap or gel then start usual removal of make-up.
  7. When you remove make-up, by means of Q-tip put along the line of eyelashes castor or olive oil or make-up remover milk on mineral basis.
  8. Let's to allow the eyelashes have a rest. Do not use false eyelashes more than two weeks continuously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team