How to update old cabinets

How to update old cabinets

For change of situation in the house it is optional to start repair or to buy furniture. It is possible to try to give new look to old things, for example cabinet. For this purpose there are several ways.


1. Decide on what material you will apply when dressing. At the same time it is important to consider room situation, to connect the updated cabinets on style and color with other home decoration. So, if all furniture at you dark color, then and in scenery it is necessary to apply shades of dark to cabinet. If other furniture at you light, and cabinet you want black, then try to unite them some general drawing.

2. One of the easiest ways of dressing of old furniture pasting is considered its wall-paper. At the same time you will not spend a lot of money, and it will turn out very beautifully. The main thing to choose qualitative wall-paper, and with texture and color it is possible and to experiment. If walls in the room light, then wall-paper it is better to choose brighter. Also in this case the internal wall of cabinet can have something in common with wall wall-paper. If on wall you have to have monophonic drawing, then cabinet.

3. Also self-adhesive wall-paper will help to change cabinet cardinally. Very creatively the cabinet trimmed with photoapplique looks. But such pasting demands special accuracy. So, at first it is necessary to smooth out doors of old cabinet abrasive paper. Then paint them with white paint. Now prepare photo. You will be able to print out the image of any format in photographic studio. Paste wall-paper and cover from above with colourless lacquer.

4. It will be unusual to look cabinet on which mirrors are pasted. Such option is ideal for small rooms as the mirror considerably broadens the room. Similar panels can be pasted liquid nails.

5. One more option of finishing of furniture – upholstery fabric. It is here too important to pick up correctly color in combination with surrounding situation. Under fabric it is possible to enclose thin layer of foam rubber that the cabinet looked more nobly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team