How to water plants during heat

How to water plants during heat

For the good growth and fructification the garden plants need optimum combination of light, heat and moisture. And if with approach of hot and droughty weather, light and heat to them gets more than enough, then moisture because of strong evaporation can not be enough. Dehydration harmful influences plants, can even lead to their death. Therefore in such weather it is necessary to follow rules of watering strictly.

First of all it is necessary to water those plants most of which suffer from heat and drought. Here it is possible to carry the plants with such strong indications of dehydration as sluggish stalks, leaves and buds and also growing in small tanks, for example, in containers, pots. First of all watering is also necessary to recently planted seedling as it is most vulnerable to adverse conditions.

Abundant watering is necessary also for lawn as without it he will lose the attractive look. Besides, it is necessary to remember that in greenhouses and hotbeds temperature much above that which is established in the fresh air. Therefore plants which grow in hothouse conditions it is necessary to water more often and it is abundant and also to air regularly.

It is better to carry out watering in the evening, shortly before sunset. Then moisture will well be absorbed to the earth. If to water in the morning or in the afternoon, a lot of water will evaporate, without having managed to reach roots of plants. Besides after drying of top soil the superficial crust with the cracks playing role of capillaries because of which deeper layers will quickly dry is formed. To sense from such watering will be a little. For bigger efficiency of watering and preservation of moisture it is possible to resort to such receptions. First, to water plants not with way of overhead irrigation, and previously having dug out holes along bed or pristvolny ring grooves (around fruit trees, for example). Secondly, to slow down evaporation of water and to prevent formation of crust with cracks, after watering of hole it is necessary to cover with the friable earth, peat, the straw mown by grass. Following these simple rules, you will be able to save the plants from dehydration even during strong and long heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team