How to water zamiokulkas

How to water zamiokulkas

Zamiokulkas meets in apartments quite often though owners also not always know how this evergreen plant with the thick sharpened leaves is called. Sort it from tropical Africa. In wild look zamiokulkas most often meets on Madagascar. Earlier it had also the second name — kaladium. German and English the scientist in century before last have described several types, but in modern classification there was only one zamiyelistny.

It is required to you

  • - zamiokulkas;
  • - watering can;
  • - sponge;
  • - water.


1. Provide zamiokulkasa necessary conditions. He is not especially exacting to leaving and grows pretty fast. In meeting his requirements to situation it can reach one and a half meters of height and even to blossom in the white colors collected in ear. Indoor temperature where costs zamiokulkas, should not even fall in the winter below 12 °C. It is the best of all if temperature is about 18 °C. This tropical inhabitant extremely loves light therefore in the winter at window to it the place. It is better to take out it on balcony in the summer.

2. Provide zamiokulkasa the different mode of watering at different times year. Conditions of keeping in the apartment have to correspond more or less to in what the plant is in the nature. It is not necessary to think that all tropical plants love high humidity. Just zamiokulkas even in the spring, in the summer and it is necessary to water very accurately in the fall and not to pour at all. Water plant so that the earth in pot became damp. At the same time water should not filter on pallet. If it happened — merge it. Do it in process of water accumulation.

3. To water zamiokulkas twice a day, every day or with breaks — depends on humidity. Give to the earth in pot a little to dry out. Zamiokulkas very badly transfers stagnant water in the soil. Its roots easily rot. Therefore you do not hurry behind watering can if it seems to you that the earth has begun to dry up.

4. Change the watering mode in the winter. Zamiokulkas needs some dormant period. Try the earth on humidity. Water plant only if the soil in pot has absolutely dried up.

5. Zamiokulkas is quite indifferent to air humidity therefore specially it is not necessary to spray him. But time of its leaves is easily hammered with dust, they need to be washed periodically. Do it by the soft sponge moistened with warm water. Cleaning agents at care for healthy plant do not need to be applied. In the summer standing on balcony zamiokulkas it is possible not to wash at all, in particular if rains go rather often.

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