How to turn off nave nut

How to turn off nave nut

At repair of running gear of the machine quite often it is necessary to disassemble felloe bearings. Naves with unregulated bearings do not need service because of what this knot understands very seldom and when repair time comes, to turn off felloe nut happens very difficult.

It is required to you

  • - Box wrench with tap wrench on ¾ inch;
  • - powerful screw-driver;
  • - iron pipe;
  • - WD-40;


1. Enclose bars that it could not begin the movement spontaneously under machine wheels. Turn off wheel nuts from that wheel from which you will turn off felloe nut. If you are going to repair two naves at once, turn off these nuts in turn.

2. By means of jack lift wheel and remove it from the machine. Take out splint and remove the crown which is put on felloe nut. Insert the powerful screw-driver into edge window of the brake disk. Turn it towards untwisting of nut until the screw-driver rests against brake support.

3. By means of metal brush clean thread of felloe nut from dirt. Impregnate it with the getting lubricant of WD-40 type. Put on nut head from key and several times strike it with the big hammer - it will help to release nut due to small deformation of metal. Only keep in mind that in 5 minutes metal will be restored therefore you strike blows just before attempt to turn off nut.

4. Take powerful box wrench with the drive on ¾ inch and head to it the suitable size, pick up the lever from pipe. 1.5-2 meters are better to take length of the lever. Get key head on felloe nut, insert into it tap wrench and get pipe on its handle. Accurately, gradually increasing force, try to turn off nut. Do not try to break nut at all breakthrough as the head of key can come off nut. It can lead to trauma or damage surface of car body.

5. If the brake disk which is not ventilated, then it cannot be recorded in the way recommended above. In this case, to turn off felloe nut, you should park the car on the parking brake, it is reliable to record it on the place. It is desirable to enclose boot under wheel. It is not necessary to lift wheel in this case. Take out splint, exempt felloe nut from crown and accurately turn off it in the way recommended above.

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