Lifting garage gate: pluses and minuses

Lifting garage gate: pluses and minuses

The operation principle of lifting gate for garages is that the cloth of gate rises up, opening entrance to the room. Such gate enjoy the growing popularity as they are convenient in operation, are reliable and esthetically attractive.

Lifting gate of panel board type

This type of automatic gate for garage, as a rule, is equipped with lifting turning gear. When opening the panel board cloth rises up, turning by 90 degrees. Gate of this type are made of various materials, the most popular of them are the steel sheets sheathed by wooden levels. The design of panel board cloth can be made of multicomponent sandwich panels.

Now this type of garage gate is established rather seldom. They are characterized by high electricity consumption. Besides, because of the considerable weight of panel board cloth the lifting turning gear often fails.

Garage gate of panel board type are considered as the most resistant to breaking. The easiest to malefactors to open rolling gate.

Section lifting gate

The cloth of this type of gate consists of movably connected sections. When opening they climb guides up and, reaching ceiling, are bent by means of swivel joint. Sections of gate, as a rule, make from sandwich panels, representing layer of polyurethane up to 4 cm thick in steel jacket. Internal and outer sides of sections galvanize and cover with polyester layer of any color. The outer end of panels is often carried out in the form of wide strips or panel.

In cloth of section gate it is possible to arrange steel sheet from 0.5 mm to 3 mm thick. It will not affect exterior and functioning of gate in any way, but will give them durability of armored door.

Pluses of section lifting gate it is possible to call low heat conductivity, good tightness, attractive exterior and long life cycle. Besides, their opening does not require extra space in or outside of garage. The main minus of this type of gate is rather high cost.

Rolled or rolling gate

Panels in this type of gate considerably already, than in section gate. As a rule, their width does not exceed 7 cm. At raising the narrow sections are taken up in roll on the reel fixed in or outside of garage. The drum usually is located in aluminum box. Sections of rolling gate make of the steel or aluminum shape filled with polyurethane foam. This light and strong material provides high mobility of connections. It is possible to refer their compactness, ease, simplicity of mounting and low cost to advantages of rolling gate. Their shortcomings are the small width of overlapping of apertures and insufficient resistance of section cloth to mechanical influence (breaking).

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