Materials for kitchen apron and the requirement to them

Materials for kitchen apron and the requirement to them

The kitchen apron is site of wall between working surface and furniture. This zone is considered independent and for its registration there are rules. It is possible to call kitchen apron safely face of kitchen and integral part of interior.

Materials for kitchen apron can be various. Main requirements to them following:

1) To apron neither high temperatures, nor hot objects should not be terrible, nor Paragraph 2) the Apron has to be to the moisture-proof and not confirmed deformations because of continuous contact with water.

3) The apron has to be cleaned easily by all means, including alkaline cleaning agents and abrasive materials, at the same time care for apron has to occupy time.4 minimum) the Kitchen apron has to be the part of interior not only which is harmoniously fitting into the general design of kitchen, but also giving it uniqueness and originality.

As a rule, as material for apron the tile is used – easy to wash it, it is resistant to water, high temperature and differs in the increased resistance to chemical cleansers. Also the tile is so various that sometimes there is complexity with its choice. The most practical for kitchen apron is the tile with opaque surface. Tiny option of tile is the mosaic – it has the same properties, as the full-size tile, but wins from the esthetic point of view. The following popular material are fiber boards – MDF. Plates with the laminated surface differ in the democratic prices, fast mounting and simplicity in leaving. These plates transfer both high temperature, and constant humidity. Durable material for kitchen apron is steel. It can be both brilliant and mirror, and opaque (that in the conditions of kitchen is more practical). Corrosion-proof metal with structural surface – ideal option for kitchen. He also washes easily, and scratches can be eliminated easily, having just jammed them. In terms of design the apron from glass is original. Registration of such apron can be changed constantly and also the apron from glass can be added with unusual illumination which color can also be changed depending on desire and mood. Care for glass apron very simple. At the same time the apron if necessary can be taken off from wall that carefully to clean it. Prestigious material for kitchen apron the stone is considered. It can be granite, basalt or marble. This material not only eco-friendly, but also almost eternal. Cleaning of stone surface is complemented with processing by special structures with wax.

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