How to choose the meat grinder

How to choose the meat grinder

The electromeat grinder is big help to the modern hostess in kitchen. With its help it is possible both to make forcemeat, and juice to squeeze out, make couple of meters of sausages, or sausages. Let's consider key parameters, being guided by which it is worth choosing the meat grinder.

The first what pay the attention to – power. For the meat grinder it is very important parameter, depends on power whether meat will be ground. That the meat grinder coped, optimum number of the power of 1000 W. Meat grinder performance, quantity of product which the meat grinder will turn in one minute directly depends on power. The meat grinder with power of 1000 W. will cope with 0.8 to 1, 3 kg of meat in minute.

Pay attention to meat grinder knives. They have to be from strong food steel, surely corrosion-proof, it is desirable forged. The knife from quality steel does not demand frequent sharpening. There are models of electromeat grinders which knives do not demand sharpening at all, they or are sharpened, or are made of such strong steel that do not demand sharpening.

Many producers in modern meat grinders use useful devices, options so to speak. One of them, possibility of rotation of the screw in the opposite direction – reverse. Sometimes it helps with the got stuck vein which at reverse rotation pushes out. Also the protection of the rotor preventing overheating of the engine is used. The special trays for meat facilitating their hit in narrow mouth are provided. Modern meat grinders it is not just the machine for processing of meat, various nozzles by means of which it is possible to receive various tubules, remarkable sausages which will please your guests and you are included in the package. Pasta of different forms, mold for cutlets will save you from excess work, will be to put them on frying pan with the boiling oil, noodles, juice enough, with ease will cut vegetables, will quickly rub them. Check, the meat grinder is how steady, there are meat grinders with additional boxes for storage of nozzles, and parts of the disassembled meat grinder. To choose the meat grinder which will serve long and reliably pay attention to mouth which has to be so long that your fingers did not reach the screw. The reeling nut has to have deep grooves at the edges, it will be easier to be turned off in case of overclamping. Some models have fixer of parts which in addition fixes meat grinder head.

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