Oil heater: what of them to buy?

Oil heater: what of them to buy?

The onset of cold weather is usually perceived by community services as surprise. Therefore arrival of calendar fall often does not coincide with the beginning of heating season. People have adapted to such situation thanks to additional source of heat - to the heater. The radiator, most popular in the people, is oil.

Distribution of heat when using the heater of a such type happens due to circulation of the heating environment in the device and transfer of heat on its surface. Heating coils in radiator are submerged in oil which is excellent heat conductor. Process begins in the lower parts and under the influence of convection extends to all surface. Air is warmed as a result of return of heat from external part of the device.

When choosing the oil heater it is necessary to know the area of the warmed room approximately. On 10-12 square meters of standard premises the power of the heater has to be equal to 1 kW. Do not look for power more than 3 kW. Such devices are not made yet. So the heater with the maximum power can heat the room no more than 30-36 square in meter.

Modern models of oil heaters have the convenient three-stage system of heating. You choose the power of heating depending on initial temperatures and the necessary result. Except optimum temperature condition such controlled work will help to save the electric power. If you have chosen radiator model with the thermostat, it is necessary to establish the desirable heating temperature of air only. The device independently controls changes of surrounding air and constantly supports the set digits. To fans quickly to dry up linen on the heater it is necessary to know that not any design of the oil device is suitable for this purpose. Though the surface of the heater seldom heats up higher than 85 degrees, it is never impossible to leave unguarded on it any objects. And here models with special driers will be very opportunely. All oil heaters have one big shortcoming. They are capable to dry up air strongly. Earlier this problem was solved by establishment near the device of container with water. But it is not really convenient, especially if in the apartment there are small children or if the room small-sized. Now producers produce models of heaters with the built-in humidifier. Having chosen such type of the oil heater, you save on purchase of additional humidifier. It is necessary to remember that all oil heaters work only at their vertical arrangement. After transportation of the device it is allowed by them to use not less, than in hour after installation in vertical position. It will help to avoid malfunctions in work.

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