Pepper seedling: landing terms

Pepper seedling: landing terms

Many gardeners make mistake, trying to make landing of seeds of pepper as soon as possible. Meanwhile, this action depends by and large on the sowing time of this vegetable culture on the constant place.

When to plant pepper

For a start study information on the bought package of seeds. Usually there write about approximate terms of landing of the grade bought by you. Along with it there are standard recommendations in this respect. So, the early ripening grade of pepper needs to be sowed in 65 days prior to disembarkation to the constant place, mid-season - for 65-70, late-ripening - for 75. 

The first wave of landings begins usually in the middle of February. As a rule, shoots appear in 5-7 days. The latest term of landing of pepper falls on the middle of March, that is the gardener has about a month on carrying out vysashchivaniye of this culture. Later crops do not guarantee full fructification.

Each gardener has to calculate specific terms extremely precisely. In attention not only time from the placing of planting stock in soil before formation of shoots, but also climate of your area, condition of the greenhouse usually undertakes. If at you in May it is still cold, move up landing schedules for 10-14 days.

Minuses of early crops

Haste is capable to result in overgrowth of seedling in pots and to early setting of the lower fruits. Unfortunately, windowsills cannot brag of good illumination. At lack of light the plant will quickly be exhausted. Even during removal of couple of lower ovaries pepper will badly feel on the constant place, that is they will begin to take root more slowly. As the result - at plant will be late the main wave of fructification. For this reason early crops of seeds of pepper on seedling are inexpedient. It will not accelerate but only will delay harvesting. 

General recommendations

Do not buy pepper seeds for emergency as they very quickly lose viability. Before their crops it is necessary to prepare properly. They have low viability therefore the planting stock needs to be stimulated. Pickle seeds in weak warm solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes, wash out in cold water. Then kill them for 18 hours in zircon solution. For its preparation dissolve 1 drop of medicine in 300 ml of warm water. Instead of zircon it is possible to take epin, having dissolved 2 drops in half-glass of water. These actions will accelerate emergence of shoots.

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