Pictures as important element of interior

Even in extreme antiquity of people sought to make the dwelling not only convenient, but also beautiful. Pictures, sculptures, objects of arts and crafts demonstrated not only welfare of inhabitants of the house, but also their taste. The modern person in the aspiration to live in beautifully issued room differs in nothing the predecessors, but opportunities for this purpose at it is much bigger.

What to look for?

When choosing works of the fine arts which will hang in your apartments it is necessary to consider some of very important reasons. Can influence your choice: - planning of the apartment;

- assignment of rooms; - style of registration of each room;

- color of walls, furniture and draperies. The picture has to be in harmony with the general style of rooms, whether it be classicism, baroque or modernist style. Think that it is possible to decorate interior not only with works of painting, but also prints, art photos, arts and crafts objects. You remember also that the normal city apartment is not art galleries, that is pictures should not be too much if only you are not going to collect them.

Be not fond of reproductions from the famous works. If you want such picture to hang over your table, it has to be the work which you very much love.

Fruit, vegetables, flowers

The work of art can be placed even in the bathroom. There, of course, you should not hang up watercolor and the work of painting on canvas or tree are no good too, from dampness will quickly become useless, and mosaic panel from ceramic tile. As for kitchen, it is better to place couple of landscapes or still lifes executed in the equipment of photo printing on fabric there. Walls of this room can decorate also painted porcelain plates with beautiful views or genre sketches.

The carved wooden panel suitable on subject also is suitable for kitchen

The bedroom is intended for rest

In the bedroom there should not be nothing of that kind that could disturb your dream. Any bright spots and scary images. The quiet landscape executed by pastel, graceful pastoral sketch watercolor, the photo of the favourite city perfectly are suitable for this room. Do not forget to make sure that by the light of night lamp or in the twilight of the image you will not be frightened.

Cheerful pictures

Especially attentively it is necessary to treat the choice of pictures for the nursery. The small child perceives the world at all not as adults. It sometimes likes what adults consider absolutely unattractive, and the beautiful, in your opinion, picture can just frighten it. Illustrations approach favourite fairy tales, for example. It is possible to place also big portrait of the kid. Nothing prevents to hang up didactic panel in the nursery. It both will decorate the room, and will occupy your child.

In the living room all is possible

In the living room any pictures which approach on style and color gamma can hang. If all room is sustained in Baroque style or rococo, pictures of masters of the corresponding eras are appropriate. Most likely, it will be reproductions. Remember that the work of art it is possible to influence perception of interior very significantly. The big watercolor will visually make the room of lighter, picturesque cloth "under Rembrandt", on the contrary, will make the room more dark. Besides pictures, on walls family portraits, two-three with taste of the picked-up engravings, panel from straws and many other things can find the place.

If the room only one

Inhabitants of small apartments like to live in beautiful interior too. In this case the picture, besides decorative, has one more function. It helps to separate the placement on zones. The portrait of the favourite composer over piano, modest city landscape over work table, small panel from fabric in corner for needlework – word, options is. It is important that the work corresponded to assignment of any given corner.

It is a little about frames

Important role in registration of interior is played by frames. They can be from baguette, metal, plastic. In the living room where the pictures executed on canvas hang, baguette frames will better look. It is the best of all to order them in workshop. Will approach also plastic, with finishing under baguette. Thin graceful metal frames or plastic with metal fringing will be suitable for small watercolors more. Self-made picture from rags or didactic panel seem more expressive in frame from thin rails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team