Plumbing and sanitary of country house

Plumbing and sanitary of country house

Modern country houses under the terms of accommodation and to comfort do not concede to the equipped city apartments for a long time. But to provide this comfort, their owners in need to mount and connect the systems of internal communications and, first of all, plumbing and sanitary.

Water supply and sanitation systems

Water supply system – the engineering system consisting of the special equipment (pumps, accumulative tanks, automatic equipment, filters) and the pipeline intended for supply of private residential building with water. The sewerage system is necessary to take away the used water and waste products from the house, if necessary having provided primary cleaning of the arriving drains.

Both the water supply system, and the sewerage can be autonomous or are connected to centralized system that demands receiving and registration of additional permissions, but allows to reduce expenses. The device of autonomous water supply and sewerage of such permissions is not required, but at commissioning of the building the system of the sewerage will be checked for compliance to Construction Norms and Regulations and other specifications.

As engineering systems, plumbing and sanitary have much in common, both of these systems are divided into internal and external part. If to speak about internal networks, it is necessary to understand: the difference is that for water supply system the entry point of the bringing pipe to the house is starting, and for the sewerage point of exit of discharge pipe – final. The internal water supply system of country house consists of starting water-measuring and distributing installation, pipe system for hot and cold water supply, source of hot water (heater, the boiler or the boiler), supplies to points of water intakes and consumers (washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, washing machines, souls and so forth). The internal system of the sewerage, except the pipes conducting from consumers – toilet bowls, includes sewer strut and the place of withdrawal of discharge pipe from the building. External water systems consist of system of pipe passing out of the building, water supply source (well or well), the pumping station. The external sewerage system includes discharge pipe, septic tank or sewage treatment plant, sometimes its structure joins also pumping equipment.

Design of water supply and sanitation systems

If not too difficult schemes are used, design of water supply and sanitation systems for country house can be executed and independently. But when the house is intended for year-round accommodation, has several floors and extensive network, it is better to entrust creation of the project to experts. In case of the simplest scheme when premises of kitchen and toilet are located row, it is possible to use one general sewer strut. When points of water intake and consumption are located on different floors and in different rooms, the difficult scheme from several struts, having branches in different septic tanks can be used. Before design it is necessary to define source to the house of water, to order implementation of the engineering and topographical plan, to find out type of soil and level of groundwater occurrance. According to needs of your family for water which can be determined by Construction Norms and Regulations, choose the equipment of that power which will be able to provide these requirements. If the pressure of water is insufficient, it is necessary to provide use of the pumps providing its giving in the project.

At high level of underground water it is possible to establish the local station of deep cleaning or septic tank of accumulative type on the site.

Mounting of pipeline system

Works on internal mounting of water and sewerage system begin after wall construction is complete and the roof is established. At the same time the water-measuring knot is established in the building behind external wall on the place of entrance of external pipe at once, it should not be located closer, than 1.5 m from conclusion of the sewerage and pipes gazo- and heat supplies. Diameter of the pipes used for internal water supply depends on that how many points of water intake are going to be placed in the house. Usually for the main line use pipes with a diameter of 3/4 inches, and for the parting pipes – ½ inches. Pipes of internal water supply and sewerage keep within at an angle, providing water inflow and its free outlet after use.

To provide safe functioning of water supply and sanitation systems, at their design and mounting it is necessary to respect strictly all rules and requirements of Construction Norms and Regulations.

When mounting external systems it is necessary to consider that depth of pipe laying has to be more, than soil frost depth. For convenience of service, pipes can be laid also on surface, but at the same time it is necessary to provide their warming. In case plumbing and sanitary are crossed, pipes of the sewerage have to be located below, than on what water will be pumped, distance between them not less than 40 cm Besides, it has to be necessary to provide also casings which pipes keep within in places of such crossings. At parallel pipe laying between them there has to be distance not less than 1.5 m in case their diameter less than 20 cm.

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