Than to process cabbage from slugs and caterpillars

Than to process cabbage from slugs and caterpillars

Caterpillars and slugs are wreckers who most often attack cabbage. To begin to struggle with them it is the is best of all right after detection, otherwise they will quickly captivate bed with vegetables and will cause irreplaceable loss to harvest.

Gardeners do not advise for processing of cabbage from slugs and caterpillars to use industrial chemical medicines. The fact is that cabbage leaves have quite good absorbing ability and if to process vegetables mean structure, then it is possible not to doubt that cabbage in itself will absorb all hazardous substances. From the aforesaid it is possible to draw conclusion, it is the best of all to process cabbage the checked folk remedies. Them exists very much, and everyone will be able to choose for himself something suitable:

  • If on cabbage you have noticed slugs, then it is absolutely optional to get rid of them by spraying. Slugs very much love sweet and if on perimeter of bed to spread out plates with jam or the rags soaked with honey, it is possible not to doubt that per day most of wreckers will gather around traps. Everything that will remain - it is to bring together them in manual and to destroy.
  • After such procedure when the majority of insects is brought together, it is necessary to scatter mustard on bed. The fact is that slugs adore sweet, but here do not transfer mustard at all. This work will help you to secure cabbage against invasion of new slugs.
  • Good method against slugs is douche of cabbage heads of cabbage nashatyrny solution. It is necessary to dissolve 40 ml of sal ammoniac in bucket of water and to spill this structure heads of cabbage from above. After the procedure the slugs creep out on surface of vegetables that does possible manual gathering of insects.
  • It is also possible to get rid of caterpillars mechanically, that is collecting manually. For this purpose it is necessary to examine each 2 days the lower leaves of cabbage and to collect wreckers in special capacity.
  • After collecting it is important to process heads of cabbage special infusion or broth. Has well proved broth of tomato tops of vegetable and bitter pepper. Means is preparing as follows: the big armful of tomato tops of vegetable is filled in with five-seven liters of water, 3-5 pods of bitter pepper are added, all weight is boiled several minutes then infuses to steam of days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team