The fitted cupboard the hands – several useful tips...

The fitted cupboard the hands – several useful tips...

Modern apartments often do not please the owners with large number of the free area. Therefore the main objective of owners is rational use of useful space. In these cases the fitted cupboard comes to the rescue.

Fitted cupboard

If you have got housing recently or have decided to do repair, then the fitted cupboard made with own hands will help to cope with problem of shortage of free space. It allows to find to free corners and not ispolzuyuemy niches in the apartment functional application. It is quite original form of furniture having the mass of advantages. First, it allows to use as much as possible useful square meters of living space, and secondly, gives the chance to save the considerable sum of money since to make it the hands does not represent big work.

Such cabinets are ideal for any room. Their high ergonomics and excellent functionality assumes themselves the choice of such place which can be involved with the maximum advantage. But it is worth to remember about one important point – the fitted cupboard can be attached only to walls from concrete since plasterboard designs will hardly sustain similar weight.

In the course of the device of the fitted cupboard the competent planning of its internal filling is very important. For example, such cabinet has to contain large number of free space for outerwear and footwear in the hall. In cabinet for the bedroom it will be more reasonable to place more boxes, shelves and laundry baskets. And it is possible to store not only clothes, but also books, toys and textbooks in the nursery. Not less the design of the built-in furniture is important. Modern opportunities allow to choose color, texture and type of execution of cabinet. It can be angular or have completely mirror doors which are visually expanding space. Mirrors can be replaced with opal glass, stained-glass windows or their combination.

Fitted cupboard the hands

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the location of your future construction. Then make the necessary measurements and create the project of your cabinet. For this purpose draw it, having thought over each part to trifles, width and height of shelves, their quantity and arrangement. Calculate quantity of parts and their sizes, choose doors and all necessary accessories for finishing and assembly of cabinet. Also it is necessary to be defined from what material there will be your fitted cupboard - it can be chipboard or MDF. Purchase of all required materials will be the next stage. Many shops offer cut of parts by your sizes – it is very convenient if you do not want to be engaged in it independently. Before starting assembly, attentively study the scheme and spread out parts, so it will be more convenient to you to work. The most important – you do not hurry, especially, if it is your first experience of independent production of furniture. Having finished assembly of framework and installation of the main parts, process edges, and then start installation of doors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team