The pro-thinned-out glued bar

The pro-thinned-out glued bar

The tree is traditionally used for construction of residential buildings. The unique material created by the nature is ideal for this purpose, providing air exchange and at the same time shumo- and thermal insulation. Modern construction materials, being types of the traditional rounded logs, have additional benefits.

The pro-thinned-out bars and glued bar – in what difference?

Despite similar names, it is essentially different materials. The pro-thinned-out bar is cut from the whole log, sometimes even not undergone preliminary drying. For this reason of the house, constructed of the pro-thinned-out bar, possess the same shortcomings which are inherent in chopped buildings. They are subject to shrinkage which can be up to 8% and proceed up to 5-8 years. Finishing work in such constructions begins to conduct not earlier than in 1 year.

This shortcoming is absent at the buildings built from the pro-thinned-out glued bar made on the special process allowing to exclude except linear elastic deformations and twisting of material and also to reduce its sensitivity to negative external impacts.

Each 5-6 years the house from glued bar need to be processed anew antiseptic and other protective structures.

Manufacturing techniques of the pro-thinned-out glued bar

The price of one cube of glued bar is much bigger, than normal, high cost is caused by difficult production technique of this building material. According to standards, on glued bar there is pine, larch and cedar which have grown in northern areas where growth of trees is slowed down therefore density of wood is higher. Besides, the tree is prepared during the winter period when the humidity of wood is minimum. The processed logs dismiss on boards and in addition dry up, and then reject, cutting out fragments with the dropped-out knots or the damaged wood. Good, whole boards join, lay between them layer of short lamels so that fibers of boards and lamels were perpendicular each other, stick together in bar and profile. The bar can consist of different quantity of layers of lamels – from 2nd to 5. Thanks to perpendicular arrangement of fibers of the next layers and the special gluing structure, the ready bar does not lose the ecological properties, keeps the sizes and form that gives the chance to build of it "turnkey" houses.

Optimum thickness of bar for regions of midland with seasonal variation of temperatures from-30 to +35os has to be not less than 16 cm.

Merits and demerits of the pro-thinned-out glued bar

It is possible to refer high quality to undoubted advantages of this material. Shrinkage does not exceed it 1% therefore terms of construction are reduced thanks to the fact that finishing work can be begun at once after walls and roof are ready. Eventually the bar consisting of several layers does not burst, keeping beautiful and plain surface. The dense wood which is in addition processed by special structures is not subject to rotting, is not afraid of either bugs wood borers, or moisture.

Houses are made of glued bar industrially according to design drawings that allows to reduce consumption of building material and to considerably facilitate construction of construction according to the ready scheme as the normal designer. Thanks to the ideally plain surface, the bar does not need additional treatment, and working surfaces "thorn groove" provide fast laying of wreaths, allowing it is reliable to isolate mezhventsovy spaces and to do without heaters and caulking iron. It is possible to build houses of any complexity and any configuration of the pro-thinned-out glued bar, to embody any architectural concepts.

As for shortcomings about which it is possible to hear most often: high cost, bad environmental friendliness and violation of air exchange. If to speak about the price, the cost of glued bar can exceed cost normal by 3-4 times. However, if to evaluate the total costs, then at construction of the house or bath from glued bar you will not need to buy the amplifier, caulking iron, hydroizolyatstonny materials, lining for filing, rails, fixture, antiseptics. Taking into account it, the cost of both types of bar will be quite comparable, and if to consider question of durability, advantages in profitability can be given to glued bar. Some consider that this material is less eco-friendly due to use of glue which when heating will emit allegedly hazardous substances. It is possible to object to it that the glued bar made according to the existing state standard specifications is also safe, as well as normal tree. Special glue after hardening turns into the vitreous weight which does not evaporate anything any more even if the bar was used for construction of bath or sauna. Violation of air exchange because of glue layers can take place only when the bar is laid incorrectly – if lamels are located vertically. Horizontal laying of lamels easily and just solves this problem. Apparently, shortcomings of this material are quite doubtful therefore there are no special reasons to refuse its use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team