Types of garage gate: garage, section, automatic, recoil, oar

Types of garage gate: garage, section, automatic, recoil, oar

Buying or having already bought car, it is necessary to take care also of warm garage for the four-wheel friend. If you have opportunity to construct it, at once, on projecting phase, it is necessary to think over what gate you establish as each type of garage gate has the design features which will need to be considered in the project.

Today there are several popular designs of garage gate, each of which has the merits and demerits. It is possible to carry to those that are most often used section, recoil, oar, lifting and rotary and folded. Any type of the listed garage gate can be made automatic, having at the same time left opportunity to open and close them in manual control mode.

The convenient and practical design representing type-setting cloth of door which opens and closed, moving on the guides located at right angle to each other. One couple of guides is mounted in aperture of gate, on each side, the second – in their upper part in garage parallel to ceiling. Use of the section gate gathered from strong, reliably connected among themselves in uniform cloth sandwich panels allows to save the place, providing high warm and sound insulation. Rather flexible design nevertheless does possible installation in gate of additional door or window. In automatic option they can work from the electric motor with distant control, the stationary remote controller installed near garage or from the manually controlled mechanical drive. It is possible to refer complexity of design and low resistance to breaking to shortcomings, they are recommended to establish on the protected area. The price of such models is from 700 dollars.

The gate consisting of monolithic movable shutter have also well proved in operation. It can be located as in garage, and outside, opening and being closed, moving on two parallel guides. This design is reliable and convenient and also is good the fact that during the winter period it is not required to clear away snow in front of gate. It is possible to carry to shortcomings that the movable shutter abroach demands extra space, and that it functioned normally, the additional side space has to be 1.5 times wider, than door opening. Such type of gate can be chosen if you are able to afford construction of spacious and wide garage. The cost of gate of this type – from 1000 dollars.

Traditional oar gate differ in reliability of design, they are simple in production and operation, can be made of quite available and cheap materials, their price – from 300 dollars. Usually basis of shutters of garage oar gate is the metal framework sheathed by the same sheets. For thermal insulation it is possible to use polyfoam or to apply sandwich panel to production of gate. In oar gate it is easily possible to make gate. They are one - and two-fold, and usually for economy of the place of shutter open outside that creates inconvenience in the winter – in front of gate it will be necessary to clear away snow. This design can be also automated, however, each shutter will require the separate drive.

When mounting it is necessary to consider that where puchinisty soil, oar gate it is necessary to establish on 10 cm from ground level.

These gate represent the monolithic metal cloth established in door opening, changing situation from vertical in horizontal with the help pivotally - the lever mechanism. Being in the closed, vertical position, the garage door densely adjoins to aperture, reliably closing it. Accepting horizontal position, it takes the place under ceiling. It is rather difficult design which safety of work is ensured by side springs by means of which the pivot hinge keeps balance. Such gate remotely by means of the electric motor or in the manual mode cope. The design allows to make these gate heat-insulated and even to decorate them at the request of the owner. It is possible to carry high cost to shortcomings – from 1200 dollars, small porozhek on entrance to garage and also need of extra care: opening or closing of shutter requires extra space, the machine has to stand on safe distance.

That the lifting turning gear functioned without failures, at installation of gate the implementation of increased requirements to form of corners of aperture has to be provided.

Rather recently appeared design reminds bus doors, but they can be located both vertically, and is horizontal in case shutter one. Folded gate save the area, it is not required to clear away in the winter in front of them a lot of space, and hermetic laying between shutters provides reliable thermal insulation of the garage room. In shutters it is easily possible to build in viewing windows and also to establish on them electric motors that they could open automatically. The price of folded gate is low – from 300 dollars, but there is essential shortcoming – instability to mechanical damages and blows.

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