What guys on an appointment think of

What guys on an appointment think of

Just as there are no identical girls, there are no identical guys, at each of them in the head always different thoughts and different views on life. For this reason it is worth presenting you several options of development and the train of thought during the appointments at different men.

The first appointment and man's thoughts

Some girls though the unique time in the life asked a question what men on an appointment think of. Some ladies for themselves found the answer, many thought that they foreknow it, but nevertheless thousands of women were mistaken in the reasonings on this matter as, in opinion, most of them, guys think always only of one: how to drag quicker girl in a bed.

What do guys actually think of?

To understand thoughts of guys during the first appointment, it is worth dividing men into several types. Man, not too self-assured. He begins to think of how it looks whether all at it as it should be with appearance, and at once begins to think that it was not pleasant to the companion at once. Perhaps, such guy tries to think up proper words, constantly nourishes the idea of how to take the woman by hand, in his head it is the first action to rapprochement, he thinks that these manipulations will relax his and his beautiful companion. Because of the diffidence and because of the infrequent relations with girls he thinks to prove to the whole world that he is not such loser and that it is near the beautiful person at present. At this moment he is too proud of himself.

In deep dreams of such man there is desire to appear with this lady in a bed in the same evening, but everything is carefully weighed, he draws pessimistic conclusions that the kiss at parting can expect it at most.

Avaricious man. It is a special look, he thinks only of how to preserve the purse. Besides, in the head it scrolls the plan about that, to part kind of the woman on that she treated him or somewhere paid for it. He thinks over grandiose frauds in the thoughts of how to receive the benefit from an appointment. Man, self-assured. Such man does not think that about him other people, his thoughts will think during the appointment often of foreign affairs, problems at work or with friends. When he does not think of the problems, he has thoughts to listen to the interlocutor, but often he finds this occupation boring and only pretends what listens to her. He does not think of how to drag the woman in a bed, for him it is not paramount business.

First of all, he thinks of whether the girl will suit it, reflects on her pluses and minuses, and on what she can hide.

Man in love. He does not think of himself, paramount thoughts is an object of his adoration, he every second reflects on how it is pleasant to beloved to make, often his thoughts reach the fanatical ideas. The main ideas of such man are reasonings on what he happy and what companion, beautiful at it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team