Types of vertical gardening

Types of vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is most often used in landscaping, but he can also be met in rooms. Its distinctive feature is the arrangement of plants in vertical plane. By means of this method it is possible to execute zoning of the territory, to protect platforms from wind and dust, and in the apartment or the house to create unique interior.

Vertical gardening is known from antiquity, the Assyrian "Semiramis's Gardens" can become example. Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to create more compact, but not less impressive objects.

Types of vertical gardening

Choosing type of construction it is necessary to consider the area of gardening, availability of defects on wall and also lighting level. In landscaping the following types of vertical gardens are widely used:

  • The most difficult is gardening which basis the creation of arch designs, pergolas and columns is. Such work demands skill therefore the beginning gardeners should choose simpler option.
  • Installation of suspended containers. It can be the cachepot, bags or tanks in which fertile soil will be filled. They are fixed on support, in containers plant ornamental plants.
  • "Live walls" of Patrick Blanca.

The last way is the most modern, its advantage the lack of trailing pots with the earth is. The device of "live wall" consists of the following stages:

  • Fastening on facade of metal frame.
  • Mounting of framework from plastic. It is covered with polymeric felt, plants land in pockets of the small size.

For gardening most often use lianas. As power supply mineral solution is applied, it is given to roots on the system of tubes and filters.

Merits and demerits of vertical gardens

The visible appeal and simplicity is not the only advantages of vertical gardening, it attracts gardeners also the following:

  • Vegetable designs refresh the room, it is pleasant and interesting to look at them.
  • It is easy to combine green modules among themselves. Many plants well transfer shadow therefore gardening of the shaded places can be almost boundless.
  • The vertical orientation of biodesigns allows to save space. Even in the small room it is easy to place big group of plants.
  • The design has small weight.
  • On constant basis there is saturation by oxygen, it is especially relevant for internal rooms.
  • The wall from plants allows to lower degree of sound loading at the expense of natural thickening of walls. At soft irrigation of plants the amount of dust in air decreases.

Choosing the soil for vertical garden, it is worth stopping on peat dust. It is suitable for cultivation of whimsical tropical plants, its distinctive feature is high moisture retaining capacity.

It is worth referring antiseptic, antimicrobic and antibacterial action to positive qualities of this pochvozamenitel. Besides, thanks to the special structure, the peat dust provides to roots of plants the increased air circulation. It does it by the best basis for healthy development and abundant blossoming of the plants included in vertical design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team