Variety of garden tents and tents. How to choose?

Variety of garden tents and tents. How to choose?

In hot summertime at the dacha there is a wish to sit in the shaded cool place which the covered gazebo or terrace traditionally is. However similar buildings have equipped not each seasonal dacha. The garden tent or tent on metal base which will protect from the sun and will not take a lot of place can become excellent exit.

Advantages of garden tents and tents

First of all tents differ in simple and fast installation, ease and rather small cost (if it is about the qualitative tents creating feeling of the full-fledged figurative house). Also they do not demand thorough service, are rather mobile, compact and perfectly protect from wind and midges.

For country garden it is desirable to choose tents with heavy metal parts which will resist under wind gusts, and for hikes there will be enough tents with the facilitated pegs.

The most popular and convenient model is the tent tent with the many-sided rounded form which does construction to more resistant to external natural influences. Also well protect garden tents with the closed sidewalls from the dense fabric which is passing fresh air from stings of insects and sunshine.

We choose tent tent for giving

The qualitative garden tent has to possess metal, but not plastic fastening elements which guarantee to the owner of tent reliability and safety at operation. It is desirable that the powder enamel paint thanks to which the design will be protected from rust for long term has been also applied on support of construction.

Choosing garden tent, surely pay attention to its fabric – it by all means has to have good water-repellent covering.

Attentively read the instruction from the producer of tent – some tents are not recommended to be established at strong wind which can demolish design and injure the person who is in it. Skilled summer residents advise not to save on themselves and to order garden tents from specialized firms which make them according to individual preferences of the customer. The cost of such tents, naturally, will be higher, but also the quality will correspond to the price. More inexpensive options with various forms and coloring can be got in the relevant shops. Remember that the stationary gazebo significantly differs from folding gazebo tents which are less durable and reliable. However light-weight tent constructions rather effectively protect from the scorching heat and the attack of the biting mosquitoes. Installation of garden pavilions takes only several minutes and can quietly provide comfortable stay to the owner throughout several seasons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team