What leaving is necessary to dragon tree

What leaving is necessary to dragon tree

The dragon tree is the perennial tropical plant resembling palm tree superficially. At this bush more than 120 versions that allows to pick up desirable option easily. The dragon tree is unpretentious in leaving and, thanks to it, can be recommended for the beginning flower growers. What leaving is necessary to dragon tree?


1. The majority of species of dragon trees are thermophilic and photophilous plants. As a rule, the plant well feels at temperature not lower than 17 degrees. At lower temperatures growth of bush slows down and he can die. Also you should not place dragon tree on drafts. However, it is not recommended to leave dragon tree under direct sunshine too. At sunlight surplus on plant light spots can appear.

2. It is necessary to know that the dragon tree does not transfer dry air - its leaves begin to dry up and blacken. Therefore it is very important to water plant regularly. In summertime it is necessary to water dragon tree daily, in the winter - 3-4 times a week. Also regular spraying is recommended - this procedure will wash away dust from plant and will humidify indoor air.

3. It is necessary to feed up this bush during the whole year. But it is not necessary to abuse it. Usually happens enough once in 2 weeks to water plant with the divorced mineral solutions.

4. The dragon tree is rather trouble-free "pet". However if the indoor air is too dry, various wreckers can strike plant. For fight against ticks and plant louse, it is recommended to spray dragon tree with infusion of tobacco or garlic. Kerosene and alcohol will help with fight against mealy scale or shchitovka. Them it is necessary to process plant leaves. It is possible to get rid of trips by means of spraying by infusions from potato or tomato leaves. In case of heavy infections it is recommended to apply such medicines as carbophos, aktellik, phytofarms and it similar.

5. Every two years is recommended to replace plant approximately. Pick up pot of the necessary size. Prepare the mix consisting of peat, compost, sand, the turf and the sheet earth. Do not forget to provide to bush good drainage that water did not accumulate at roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team