What make-up to make under red dress

What make-up to make under red dress

dress - very bright and effective subject of clothes. As a rule, during creation of image it takes the central place. The make-up has to supplement correctly effective dress, emphasizing at the same time beauty of the woman.

Correct selection of make-up

The red dress which is well picked up for figure and tsvetotip very favourably emphasizes beauty of the woman, her sexuality. This subject of clothes draws attention in itself. Putting on red dress, it is necessary to think of the correct selection of make-up at the same time to look stylish, attractive and it is not vulgar.

Selecting make-up, first of all it is necessary to consider time of day during which exit on people in red dress and also situation is planned. If the woman decides to put on red dress in the afternoon and at the same time she wants to go for work, on business meeting, then she needs to choose more natural and natural make-up. Bright shades can overload image, make it defiant.

Under red dress black or dark brown ink, shadows of pastel tones, almost imperceptible blush and lipstick of natural shades perfectly will be suitable for day make-up. It is desirable to choose opaque lipstick without gloss. Use of translucent lip gloss is admissible, but in this case it is only desirable to tint slightly eyelashes black or brown ink, and not to apply shadow on eyelids. For evening issues the make-up can be slightly brighter. But at the same time it is important to remember that it is necessary to allocate by means of cosmetics something one: eyes or lips. As one of options it is possible to try make-up in style smok ayz. At the same time eyes need to be painted over rather brightly, and to apply opaque lipstick of natural shade on lips. For make-up of eyes it is possible to use shadows of brown, gray tones. Pink, bright green, lilac shades of eye shadow in this case are not recommended.

Red dress and red lipstick

Under red dress red lipstick very well approaches. Such make-up rather effectively will look in the evening. At the same time it is very important to pick up lipstick shade correctly. It is good if it matches tone of dress, but it is not obligatory at all. It is only important to follow at the same time certain rules. Under dress of cold red color lipstick of red tone on blue base and also red lipstick with crimson subtone perfectly will approach. If red color of dress belongs to warm subtone, then and lipstick should be chosen corresponding. Not striking make-up of eyes is perfectly combined with red lipstick. In this case it is possible to dare to apply a little ink on eyelashes and also to use eye shadow thin arrows. Very elegantly the make-up during which creation only red lipstick and liquid eyeliner and a little friable powder was applied looks.

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