What of satellite antennas is better

What of satellite antennas is better

The satellite antenna is created for those who want to enjoy excellent quality of the image and sound when watching TV. The coefficient of its strengthening is considered the most important indicator of quality of the satellite antenna.

Parabolic satellite antennas

Any satellite antenna has to consist of reflector and the converter. In fact, the converter is called the irradiator for the satellite antenna. And the reflector is part of paraboloid. Such antenna is called parabolic. It is also accepted to call similar devices plates. They are very widespread kind of modern satellite antennas.

As the most demanded reckon parabolic antenna with the irradiator displaced from top to bottom. In such devices view of the satellite what it is not blocked with. For the best reception of signal such satellite dish it is not necessary to have too highly. It is known that the satellite moves on orbit with speed which is equal to earth rotational speed. Therefore, for the parabolic antenna it seems motionless. Only special ground stations of management can trace position of satellites. Periodically parameters of the movement of satellites are corrected.

Toroidal antennas

If you want to accept at the same time signal from several repeaters, it is necessary to get the toroidal satellite antenna. In similar designs the parabolic reflector has been added toroidal therefore there was opportunity to use several irradiators by the number of satellites. It turns out that by means of the toroidal antenna it is possible to enjoy transfers of several providers. And at the same time there is no need for change of position of converters and reflectors. Feature of this antenna is also that the line of reception of signal lays down directly on orbit. This clear advantage. The minimum diameter of such antenna should not be less than 90 cm. The more this indicator, the will be better quality of reception of signal from satellites. The truth it should be taken into account that not everywhere it is possible to install the big toroidal antenna. In the modern world not to do without digital technologies. Even satellite antennas are often equipped with HDMI receiver or the tuner. The modern satellite television has digital format of broadcasting which provides excellent quality of the image and the impressive choice of channels. Very popular satellite toroidal antennas became in settlements and towns where there are problems with television broadcasting. Only installation of the satellite antenna can help with such situation.

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