What pepper it is better to plant

What pepper it is better to plant

Pepper – culture which is the best of all for growing up seedling as the maturing period at it long. In the southern regions it is grown up by planting of seedling in soil of open type, and in all others – to greenhouses.

It is required to you

  • - pepper seeds;
  • - pepper seedling;
  • - greenhouse or open ground.


1. The best vegetables grow from seeds which are designated by "F1". It means the hybrids in the first generation which have taken all high-quality signs from high-grade "parents".

2. Viking pepper. Early ripening grade which is grown up in the open ground and in closed. Srednerosly plant. Has cylindricity fruits, glossy, with smooth surface. The mass of fruit – from 100 to 150 g. Mature fruits have bright red color, excellent tastes and poorly expressed aroma. Crops of seeds on seedling are made with approach of March. Seedling is planted to greenhouses or soil in seventy days. The principle of landing – ranks. Distance between ranks – 50 cm, between saplings – 35 cm. Viking pepper for cultivation needs lane as forms two stalks. It is not necessary to tie up to it plants. Pepper is not stored long, used fresh and for conservation.

3. Heracles pepper. Is one of the grades, the most suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse. Heracles treats mid-season and large-fruited. Fruits ripen in ninety days after planting of seedling. Cubofigurative fruits, ribbed, the extended form. The weight of one fruit – from 200 to 300 g. Pulp at fruits dense, juicy and very fragrant. This grade contains a lot of vitamin C. Ripe fruits – dark red color. The grade Heracles is universal. It is not subject to viruses, in particular – tobacco mosaic. Likes to grow on well lit, warm places. The biggest harvest is received in the protected soil. Seedling to greenhouses is planted in fifty days after crops of seeds. Planting of seedling – ranks. Distance between ranks – 70 cm, between bushes – 25 cm. Heracles pepper possesses high lezhkost and can be stored up to two months.

4. Claudio pepper. It is, perhaps, the most widespread grade. It can be grown up with success, both in the open ground, and in greenhouses. The grade is carried to early ripening, fruits can begin to be collected eighty days later, after planting of seedling. The fruits of klubovidny form which are a little extended, four-chamber, dark red, excellent tastes. Plant stalk upright, powerful. On one bush about twenty fruits can be created. One fruit weighs 200-250 g. Claudio pepper is resistant to weather patterns and well resists to diseases. Seeds of grade of Claudio on seedling land in February. The plant prefers the friable easy soils rich with organic chemistry, with neutral reaction.

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