What to burn on the seasonal dacha

What to burn on the seasonal dacha

Utilization of garbage on the seasonal dacha really requires attention. Many gardeners-gardeners just burn all garbage in a row. But many objects when burn down, emit dangerous toxic substances. In high concentration they contain in smoke and remain in ashes which then many summer residents use as fertilizer. It is clear, that there is no advantage in it any. Therefore the garbage needs to be sorted before sending all heap to fire.


1. Without thinking send the dry foliage, paper, wooden products which are not coated to fire. And here it is necessary to take out from the site on garbage can the plastic objects, rubber, metal, any objects coated it is delicious or glued, chipboard, laminate, objects from polyvinyl chloride, plaster, roofing material, any cylinders, banks from under paint, aerosols.

2. But even burning the resolved things, be careful. Absolutely dry foliage is recommended to be burned down, it is impossible to make fire if air humidity high as in these conditions the harmful particles which are contained in smoke are late in air longer, forming smog which makes harmful effects on organism. You do not breathe smoke even from the most harmless fire from paper or tree – concentration of hazardous substances in smoke of the smoldering fire is higher, than in cigarette.

3. That it was easier to make fire, now use special starter fluid, but it has not the most pleasant smell – after all chemistry. It is better to use old antiquated method: to pour out on firewood or on coals handful of normal coarse salt, the flame immediately will inflame.

4. But after all it is better not to burn the fallen-down foliage and garden garbage, and to transfer to compost pit, to cover crops of garlic and/or the flowers planted towards the winter, to dig in for peregnivaniye in pristvolny circles of trees, to use for preparation of nutritious soil under seedling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team