What to choose for kitchen: laminate or linoleum?

What to choose for kitchen: laminate or linoleum?

Kitchen – the unique and multipurpose room in the modern apartment. Often the kitchen is not only main "workplace" of the hostess, but also the living room where it is accepted to arrange friendly sit-round gathering with family and to discuss pressing problems with friends. These factors show that the kitchen room has to differ in functionality, and to be convenience tidy. Registration of kitchen should be begun with the choice of ideal floor.

Main requirements to kitchen floors

So, what has to be ideal kitchen floor? First, floor has to be in harmony with other interior, have good moisture resistance, not demand special leaving and to be equal.

For many the ceramic tile is standard of floor covering of kitchen. Variety of modern color schemes allows to pick up floor tile to kitchen of any style. Such floor is not afraid of pollution of any kind and is easily cleaned. But not all like this cold material. Many hostesses prefer to make out kitchen floor tree. Though It is necessary to tell that, unlike tile, the wooden floor will be much more expensive. Besides, without special impregnation the tree is afraid of moisture.

Kitchen floor from opaque tile will not slide and will help to avoid injuries if someone accidentally pours liquid.

Linoleum and its versions

Today for registration of floor in kitchen the market of modern construction materials suggests to choose among many options of floor coverings. It both polymeric bulk floor, and laminate, and porcelain tile. Polymeric bulk floor by the form represents linoleum, but to the touch reminds normal tile. The main advantages of this material are that liquid bulk floor is not afraid of the majority of mechanical damages and is unpretentious in leaving. The smooth and seamless surface of floor covering prevents dirt accumulation. The main minus of liquid linoleum consists in labor-intensive process of dismantling in case of repair. Natural linoleum is practically always attractive at the price, and the technical characteristics not much more concedes to laminate. It is worth emphasizing high wear resistance and good thermal insulation of modern linoleum. But at the same time it is worth paying attention to environmental friendliness of material.

The ideal covering for the kitchen room has to be resistant to fat spots, scratches, should not accumulate dust and to be moisture resistant.


Good alternative to wooden floor – laminate. This floor covering only slightly concedes the characteristics and demands additional protection against moisture. In all the rest modern laminate quite conforms to high requirements which hostesses impose to registration of ideal kitchen floor, considerably winning in the price.

Experts recommend to apply laminate which edges of plates are impregnated with special moisture resistant structure to kitchen.

Any kitchen which floor is closed by laminate looks richly and is modern. But before giving preference to laminate, it is necessary to consider the fact that this floor covering will need replacement each six years. Besides, when walking on laminate the characteristic noise is created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team