When and how to plant tulips in the fall

When and how to plant tulips in the fall

Tulips in general are very unpretentious flowers, but, nevertheless, demand a lot of time and forces for personal care. In particular, it is necessary to dig out tulips after the end of blossoming in time and to anew plant them to the open ground in the fall.

Dig out bulbs of tulips when their stalks dry up. Usually it occurs in the middle of the summer. The first week after excavation of bulb is stored at temperature of +25 degrees, then it is gradually lowered by 5 degrees. High temperatures in storage time delay development of flower kidneys, and it can lead to growth of the substituting bulbs. Therefore in the spring with big delay flowers are formed or plants can not blossom at all. Then bulbs place in the cool place at temperature of +10 degrees for several weeks. And only after that they will be suitable for jumping to the open ground.

Tulips land in the second half of September. It is the best of all to do it when temperature of the soil is +10 degrees. If to plant tulips in earlier time, then in the spring they early begin the growth and can be damaged by frosts. First of all it concerns leaves and flower kidneys.

Tulips put on depth equal to three heights of bulb. On heavier soils this size can be reduced by 2-3 centimeters. It is the best of all to plant tulips ranks with distance not less than 5 cm between them.

Before landing it is necessary to make thorough watering of bed or other chosen place. It is better to begin it one day before landing. It is important to drench all layer of fertile soil. If for watering the hose is used, put it between ridges and start up water under weak pressure at several o'clock. It is also possible to make special grooves on which water evenly to be distributed on all area of landing.

After watering in landing holes fill up bank sand with layer of 2-3 cm and on it display bulbs which powder with the earth. After that it is necessary to water bed with future tulips again.

From above landings of tulips to winter cover with small layer of dry grass or leaves for prevention from freezing. After snow thawing this layer needs to be removed.

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