Whether it is possible to use gypsum cardboard in the bathroom

Whether it is possible to use gypsum cardboard in the bathroom

Gypsum cardboard is, perhaps, the most popular material for alignment of walls and ceilings in apartments now. No wonder, it is inexpensive and convenient in work. But whether it is possible to use gypsum cardboard in the bathroom? Yes, it is possible, but at observance of number of conditions.

The first condition: to apply moisture resistant gypsum cardboard

Normal construction gypsum plasterboard of light gray color in the bathroom is not applied. Indoors with the increased humidity the finishing from this material will be deformed and will become "nursery" for mold and fungi.

But the special type of gypsum cardboard - moisture resistant quite is suitable for bathtub. Special hydrophobic impregnations are its part. Thanks to them excess moisture indoors does not affect material properties as harmful, as in case with standard gypsum cardboard. Besides, moisture resistant gypsum cardboard is resistant to mold and fungi.

Such material has marking of "GKLV" (gypsum plasterboard moisture resistant). Its external protective layer is painted in green or blue-green color. Because of availability as a part of the GKLV additional components it is slightly heavier than normal "gray" leaf of the same size. At the price moisture resistant gypsum cardboard is slightly more expensive.

To level walls, take sheets 12.5 mm thick, for ceiling — 9.5-10 mm. But for finishing of inclined ceiling of bathroom in penthouse it is better to take wall sheets.

But it is necessary to understand that the moisture resistance of GKLV is not absolute. If to apply it "as is", then it will absorb all the same moisture. Therefore the room under gypsum cardboard and material is required to be prepared previously.

The second condition: qualitative waterproofing of walls and half of the bathroom

What works should be carried out:

  • floor primer structure of deep penetration. After that there is processing by the polymer cement waterproofing mix. Cover with the same structure the lower part of walls on 20 cm;
  • processing of walls primer or impregnation with water-repellent properties;
  • processing by mastic or special solution of all corners and joints;
  • laying in the same places of self-adhesive waterproofing tape. From above the tape is covered with polymer cement structure;
  • waterproofing of inlet openings for pipes. It can be done by means of mastics, sealants or special elastic membrane.

The third condition: additional treatment of gypsum plasterboard

Own water-repellent impregnations of GKLV are not enough therefore it is necessary to take care of additional protection of material. Process both back, and front part of leaf, and its edge.

It is possible to apply to surface:

  • the waterproofing impregnations for gypsum cardboard on polymeric or bituminous basis;
  • processing by PVA glue;
  • painting by oil paint. It is applied only to back surface as front part then should be prepared for fine finish.

Faces of gypsum plasterboard should be processed waterproofing mastic or silicone sealant. Special attention should be paid to open edges which will be located over the floor.

The waterproofing of gypsum plasterboards is carried usually out to several layers, every time allowing protective structure to dry completely. It is necessary to mount after full drying of structure.

Besides, sometimes apply membrane film to isolation strengthening. It can be fixed by pieces directly on sheets. Other option is to pull it on the framework intended for gypsum cardboard mounting.

After mounting of GKLV the joints close up silicone sealant. All corners are closed by waterproofing tape. It, again, should be covered with polymer cement structure.

At surface preparation of walls under fine finish it is necessary to take cement or polymeric putty, but not plaster - the last is unstable to moisture.

The fourth condition: fine finish has to be waterproof

For fine finish of walls in the bathroom most often use tile. But there are also other options: for example, painting and wall-paper. 

If your option - the tile, then wall surface from GKLV once again ground that tiled glue was better linked to leaf surface. When laying tile it is necessary to use moisture-proof glue also finish. It is even better if the finish is also with protection against fungi. 

If walls are coated, then it surely has to be waterproofing. Not to take normal water emulsion!

Wall-paper for finishing of the bathroom chooses seldom. But, if you prefer such option, then take dense vinyl wall coverings. It is necessary to glue them on PVA glue, but not on normal wallpaper. At the same time in zone of sink and the bathroom it is better not to glue wall-paper, and to make aprons of tile.

It is recommended not only to proshpaklevat wall under wall-paper, but also to plaster. Otherwise there can be difficulties in the future when owners decide to re-stick wall-paper. The old layer will be removed with covering pieces.

The fifth condition: compulsory extract

Though correctly processed GKLV also receives big resistance to humidity, it is necessary to watch that in the bathroom was not too damp. For this purpose in bathroom there has to be good mechanical ventilation. That is, it is necessary to establish ventilating extract with the electric motor.

In the course of use of the bathroom it is necessary to care for the correct work of ventilation. Surely leave the fan included for some time after you have taken bath or shower. The ventilation system needs time to bring all excess steam out of the room. For this reason the ventilation in the bathroom has to join irrespective of lighting.

It is ideal if for inclusion/switching off of ventilation the light dimmer that it was possible to regulate system power is used.

Thus, finishing of the bathroom gypsum cardboard - quite labor-intensive process. But as a result we receive the beautiful equal walls and ceiling hiding all pipes and wires. At the correct performance such repair will hold on decades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team