Why the lunar calendar is necessary during the work in kitchen garden

Why the lunar calendar is necessary during the work in kitchen garden

The calendar made taking into account changes of lunar phases or rhythms (synodical month of the Moon) is called lunar. In it tables with favorable and adverse days for carrying out various agrotechnical works are specified.

Cultivation of seedling of vegetable and flower cultures, care for fruit and decorative trees and bushes and also the works connected with preparation of the soil for seasonal processings all this can be found in this calendar. In the lunar calendar the days are celebrated according to passing of the Moon on zodiac signs fruitfully suitable for works and vice versa.

What each vegetable grower-gardener needs to know

To reap good harvest, it is important to know: - favorable days for crops of seedling and its changes - time for pest control of plants - the most effective time for fertilizing of plants - the schedule of agrotechnical actions

Influence of the Moon on the processes happening on Earth are quite obvious. These are inflows and otliva of the seas and oceans, periodic sea level variation, changes of earth magnetic field. And as in the nature all processes are interconnected among themselves, under the influence of the satellite of Earth there are certain cyclic processes and in living organisms. The movement of juice in plants partially depends on atmospheric pressure. Lunar month lasts 29.5 days that is shorter calendar, for this period of Long there pass 4 phases: new moon; the growing Moon; full moon; the decreasing Moon. The growing Moon he is grateful influences the active growth of elevated part of plants - it is leaves, stalks, flowers and fruits. The moon decreasing has influence on underground parts – roots, bulbs and tubers.

During the periods of new moon and full moon the living organisms are especially vulnerable.

Influence of lunar phases on plants.

In the period of the accruing Moon the vital processes of roots of plants slow down. This salutary time for soil cultivation, its loosening and also for change of plants. It is not recommended to cut off and impart at this time not to injure elevated part of trees, bushes, climbers. During this period it is necessary to plant flowers, greens, sheet vegetables and fruit plants, to sow lawn grass. In the period of the decreasing Moon in underground part of plants, roots activity processes become more active, there is intensive korneobrazovaniye. Active watering with application of biostimulants of growth is necessary for plants during this period. Comes it is a high time for cutting, inoculations and also cut of plants. Landing of root crops, potatoes, onions to turnip, thinning of dense seedling and fight against weeds – the main works during this period. It is possible to be engaged in landing of berry bushes, the strong healthy root system defines good harvest.

Days of full moon and new moon are considered as adverse for any sort of works with plants.

In day of full moon and in the first 2 days after it it is recommended to pick berries and fruits. In 1 day prior to new moon and 1 day after it are engaged in extermination of garden wreckers, removal of wild young growth and sick plants.

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