How many on time apple pie is cooked

How many on time apple pie is cooked

Apple pie — idle time in preparation pie because of what pastries are very widespread among hostesses. Cooking of delicacy doesn't demand any special skills, only it is necessary to mix products in certain proportions and to put a dessert basis in the warmed oven for strictly allowed time.

Though apple pie is also considered very simple dessert in preparation, however some knowledge and abilities are necessary for creation of this culinary masterpiece. If just to mix all products intended for pie without observing a mixing poocherednost, then dough will turn out dense and viscous, at thermal treatment it doesn't propechtsya, the dessert simply won't work well. Besides, gustatory qualities viands are affected by the thermal mode and time of baking of a product in the furnace (at competently chosen indicators pie turns out air, soft and completely propechenny).

It is impossible to tell to within a minute how many on time to cook apple pie in an oven, a lot of things depend on temperature at which pie is concerned and also from height of pastries, the number of the test, juiciness and hardness of the used apples. Though nevertheless there is one cunning on which it is possible to be guided, exposing time of baking of pie in an oven. It is considered if for pie the form with a diameter of 25 centimeters is used, then time of baking of apple pie in which compounding three eggs were used is 30 minutes. If for doughing four eggs undertook, then it is necessary to bake such pie 40 minutes. That is the more eggs in the test, the longer viands has to be concerned, the quantity of other products depends on amount of this ingredient (flour, apples and other).

How many on time apple pie in the multicooker is cooked

Time of cooking of pie in the multicooker depends on diameter of a bowl of kitchen appliances and the number of the test from which pastries are cooked. On average, diameter of a bowl of the multicooker is from 22 to 24 centimeters therefore it is necessary to bake apple pie in these kitchen appliances from 40 to 60 minutes (depending on pastries height). If test height in a bowl is about three centimeters, then it is necessary to cook pie minutes 40 if height reaches four centimeters - 50 minutes. 

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