How to make bezdrozhzhevy ferment for bread?

How to make bezdrozhzhevy ferment for bread?

Still ancient Egyptians in the 17th century BC ate Bezdrozhzhevy bread. There is a set of ways to make ferment for such bread. In the ancient time these recipes passed from father to son and each family had an own secret of pastries. Adopt also you several simple recipes which will help you to bake tasty and useful bread.

Classical "eternal" ferment on water and flour

For preparation of classical bezdrozhzhevy ferment it is worth stocking up with patience — process will borrow the whole five days. You need only two ingredients — flour and water. Success of business in many respects depends on quality of these products. Flour is necessary rye, wholegrain or peeled, everything will spoil a fine crushing. And water has to be only "live", that is not bottled, not distilled and not boiled.

For preparation of classical ferment it is possible to use usual tap water, having passed it via the filter.

In volume (not less than 2-3 liters) ware diligently stir 100 grams of flour with 150 grams of water. Cover it and leave at the room temperature for one day.

Everything that will need to be done in the next four days is to add 50 grams of flour and water and to wait when ferment ripens. When the fifth day ends — ferment will be ready and it is possible to start doughing.

"Modern" kefiric ferment

Strongly perekisshy kefir or curdled milk is suitable for preparation. That the product of repussycats, is enough to sustain of it 2-3 days at the room temperature. Then in high-capacity carefully mix it with rye flour that the dough reminding liquid sour cream on consistence turned out. Cover capacity with a gauze and leave for day. Next day add so much flour how many you usually put in dough for fritters, and again well mix. Now there are enough several hours, and ferment will ripen for its use in the test. It zapuzyritsya strongly and will increase in volume. The remained kefiric ferment "will fall asleep" in the fridge and will well remain. But she will need be "woken" three days before use. For this purpose every day within an hour warm her at the room temperature, feed up kefir and flour in equal quantities. Then wait when ferment a little bulks up, and again remove in the fridge. For the third day leave it on a table longer and when it rises, mix. So do several times. The turned-out bezdrozhzhevy ferment can be divided: use one part for preparation of bread, and to put the second in the fridge.

Ferment on female hops

To make this bezdrozhzhevy ferment, fill in a glass of dry female hops with two glasses of water. Put a pan with this mix on weak fire and let's water boil about an hour. Then leave broth for eight hours that it infused then filter it in spacious glasswares.

In Russia bezdrozhzhevy bread long since was famous for the matchless taste.

Add a half of a glass of flour to ready broth, it is the best of all wallpaper rye, it is possible also wheat (but only not the premium) and also 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey. Carefully mix everything. Cover ware with linen or other natural fabric and put it for day to the warm place. During this time your bezdrozhzhevy ferment "will grow" not less than twice. Now it is ready. With this ferment traditionally cook dough on a sponge dough. It is more difficult make bread bezdrozhzhevy, than on yeast from shop, ferment necessary for this purpose is grown up not one day. But there is one pleasant moment: it is successful to make it only once enough. Then you it is possible to divide ferment constantly: a part for the test, another — in the fridge on the future. It is only necessary "to feed up" it approximately once a week. Also be not afraid that your ferment "perestaritsya" and will be spoiled. On the contrary - what it will be more senior, it is better for those.

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